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Published:May 28th, 2007 09:16 EST
General Hospital: Who should Elizabeth raise Jason's son with?

General Hospital: Who should Elizabeth raise Jason's son with?

By Garrett Godwin

Last year was the summer of Liaison, when Port Charles’ heroine Elizabeth Spencer (Rebecca Herbst) and brooding bad boy Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) renewed their friendship.  However, it was also the summer that they finally consummated their relationship after seven years. Their son, Jacob Martin, was born, in 2007.  Both mother and child are doing fine, and should be ready to check out of General Hospital very soon.

Now, the question on everyone's mind: Who should be involved in helping Elizabeth raise Jacob?

Recently, ABC Soaps In Depth had a similar poll question about whether or not Jason should step in and claim Jacob as his son.  The conclusion is that 86% of the votes said that Jason should declare Jacob as his son.

Emails and letters were on the magazine message board, stating the truth needs to come out, complimenting Jason as a father and declaring Elizabeth as selfish and thoughtless.  It also said that Jason and Elizabeth are still cheating on Lucky (new dad Greg Vaughn) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) emotionally -- having "an affair of the heart" and that the connection between has always been there, making it more real.

However, Lucky's sister Lulu believes that Lucky should raise Jacob as the father.  But her friend, Spinelli, believes that "Stone Cold" Morgan should come clean as the natural father.  The parents themselves, Jason and Elizabeth, though reluctantly and guilt-ridden, believe that it is best that Lucky should help raise Jacob as the father in order to protect Lucky and Sam, who now knows.

Though she loves Jason, Elizabeth cannot let their son be raise in a world of violence, and Jason agrees.  Elizabeth is afraid that Lucky will relapse into drugs if the truth comes out.

Jason is a great father because he is so patient and understanding.  According to his sister Emily, he is "the champion of freedom": never telling people what to do or how to live their lives, but lets them make their own choices and learn from their mistakes.  He is loyal, protective, and honest to a fault.  Jason would never let his child be hurt or put the people he loves in danger; he would rather die and never forgive himself if anything happens to them.  If he loves his son and wants to be a part of his life, then Jason needs to tell the truth.

Though married to Lucky and loves him, Elizabeth needs to realize that secrets and lies hurt not only her husband, but also her family and friends.  She must know that it is not her fault that Lucky committed adultery and developed a drug addiction; he made the choice, and must live with the consequences.  Elizabeth needs to stop paying for his mistakes that it is not what her family and friends want, but it is what she wants.  If she truly loves Jason, then she should let him be a father to their son.  If Elizabeth really wants Jason, then she must know that life is also about taking a risk, and the two should take a risk.

Jason and Elizabeth should take the risk of telling the truth and start over with a clean slate, with Cameron and their son Jacob.  Most of all, this couple needs to come face-to-face with their true feelings for one another and finally be together as a couple that is not only friends, but also a couple both in love and in freedom.

But will the truth will ever come out?

Watch as this complex story continues to unfold on General Hospital everyday on ABC, every night and weekend on SOAPnet.

The wait should be over.