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Published:June 10th, 2007 12:16 EST
Jessica Alba is A Dark Angel, on DVD

Jessica Alba is A Dark Angel, on DVD

By Garrett Godwin


Before she was Sue Storm-- The Invisible Girl, Jessica Alba was James Cameron`s Dark Angel.

Debuted on FOX in the fall of 2000, the series follows a post-apolycastic future in Seattle, Washington, when America became a third-world country filled with cynicism, despair, crime, and poverty as the nation goes through another Great Depression.

Max (Alba) is a bike messenger by day, and a thief by night.  However, she is also an genetically-enhanced prototype soldier that is one of the dozen "children" that escaped from a military corporation called Manticore.

One night, she breaks inside a penthouse and encounters Logan Cale (Michael Weatherly), an idealistic cyber-journalist known to the world as Eyes Only, dedicating to battling the corrupt powers-that-be.  As someone who was always interested in looking out for herself, Max wasn`t interested in getting involved with him or his crusade, but once Logan discovers her true identity, they make a deal: he helps her find others like her while she helps him fight injustice in Seattle.

The main story arc from season one involves Max searching for her siblings, while trying to stay one step ahead of Donald Lydecker (John Savage)-- the head of Manticore`s task force who wants Max and the others back.

Other story arcs include Max rediscovering her humanity, wheelchair-bound Logan trying to walk again, as the pair learn to rely on and trust one another, as they slowly go from allies to friends... leading to a complex yet deep relationship that continues as the series progress.

The series comes full circle this season as Max and her siblings decide to stop running for their lives and start fighting back for their lives and their freedom as they prepare to go to war against the military organization that created them.

Available on DVD, Dark Angel: The Complete First Season, features all 21 episodes (including the two-hour premiere), with audio commentaries from cast and crew, audition tapes, bloopers, and much more.

See why a vampire with a soul isn`t the only Angel around to fight evil, with Jessica Alba as Max, the future`s Dark Angel in the first season.