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Published:July 19th, 2007 11:21 EST
Michael Westen: Equal Parts Equalizer and MacGyver, 100% Hero

Michael Westen: Equal Parts Equalizer and MacGyver, 100% Hero

By Garrett Godwin

For several years, Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) has been a covert spy working for the NSA, CIA and other government agencies.

Then one day, during an undercover operation, he receives an unexpected answer from his cell: Michael Westen has been blacklisted.  In other words, someone has put a "burn notice" on him.  The U.S government has frozen his accounts and destroyed his credit, but can't take away his skills.

Now in sunny Miami, Michael must deal with issues from his past in the form of his neurotic mother, Madeline (Sharon Glass), who always tried to reunite Michael with his brother and his ex-girlfriend Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), a trigger-happy ex-IRA operative. 

So, Michael isn't going anywhere with the FBI on his tail.  In order to figure out who burned out, he decides to become a private investigator to fund his own investigation.  With the help of Fiona and his friend, Sam (Bruce Campbell), who is ordered by the feds to spy on Michael, Michael Westen uses his spy skills and abilities to help those who the law can't or won't help.

Mixing The Equalizer with MacGyver, Burn Notice is the latest USA series this summer, airing Thursday nights at 10pm. 

The protagonist, Michael, is part-Robert McCall because if someone has a problem that no one else can handle, he can.  He is part-MacGyver because Michael is very resourceful and smart, making nothing into something-- as long as you have the right tools and the right stuff.

Though heroic, Michael is emotionally distant because he had a troubled childhood.  Though highly skilled in espionage and a great cook, relationships haven't always been his strong suit, and he may not be good with people at saying the right things.  But now that he's in Miami, Michael Westen must come face-to-face with the issues he has been running from for all his life.  So, until he figures out who burned him and why, he isn't going anywhere.

See why characters are always welcome with Burn Notice, tonight, 10pm on USA Network.