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Published:July 19th, 2007 06:43 EST
Stargate's Legacy Will Be

Stargate's Legacy Will Be

By Garrett Godwin

The legacy of Stargate SG-1 for past the ten years is that they've been adventurers and explorers who travel to new worlds and galaxies that others wish they could see-- and uncover technologies that'd be of use to develop alliances between our world and others as well as be use to defend Earth against the forces of evil.  Through the Stargate, the team went to several civilizations as they learned more about them and their ways of life-- and sometimes in the process, they learned about themselves.  But most of all, SG-1 has been true heroes sworn to fight for humanity, risking their lives everytime in order to save both our galaxy and several more.

"Unending" finds SG-1 and General Landry trapped aboard the Odyssey after receiving all the knowledge and history from the Asgard.  The problem is that not only are they stuck in space, but also stuck in time and must figure a way out to get out of this.  Meanwhile, the team must use that time in the process to remain active-- and not go insane in the process.

Though the series finale, this episode wasn't a classic SG-1 finale, where there was a climatic fight until the end, wondering and waiting until the fall or winter to see who'll live or die.  "Unending" is more of an ensemble piece, as you watch the relationships grow between SG-1 and Landry.  This episode is pivotal for Daniel/Vala shippers, as they finally admit their long-suppressed feelings for one another.  The end was great because SG-1 continues what they've been doing for ten years: saving humanity, one galaxy and one universe at a time.

However, the downside is the absence of Richard Dean Anderson, aka General Jack O'Neill.  The series finale would be an even more perfect fit with him in it because he brought humor, but like the cast, the actor brought heart, soul, and humanity within his character.  But both Anderson and O'Neill will return in the standalone Stargate: Continuum, coming out on DVD next year.

The legacy of Stargate SG-1 will go on forever on the SCIFI Channel, syndication and on DVDs. 

Stargate SG-1: Adventurers, Explorers, Heroes, and Legends -- Forever