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Published:August 17th, 2007 01:10 EST
USA Flames the Fire of Burn Notice

USA Flames the Fire of Burn Notice

By Garrett Godwin

Michael Westin won`t be leaving Miami anytime soon nor is he going anywhere else, as USA renews Burn Notice for next summer with 13 episodes.

Jeffrey Donovan is the reluctant modern-day Equalizer, MacGyver Westin, who was blacklisted during an undercover covert ops mission in Africa.  After having worked for the NSA and other U.S. government agencies for several years, Michael discovered that someone put a "burn notice" out on him. 

And when you`re burned, you don`t have anything-- no money, no bank account, nothing.  The intelligence community considers you a threat to national security.

Being dumped in sunny Miami, Michael is under vigilant survelliance by the government, and decides to offer his services to those in need.  Assisted by Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), his trigger-happy ex-IRA operative who`s also Michael`s ex-girlfriend, and Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell), a washed-up former spy turned playboy yet still useful and resourceful, Michael uses his spy skills and training to help people who the law can`t or won`t help while still trying to find out who burned him and why.

While in Miami, he is forced to confront his troubled past when he comes face-to-face with his hypochondraic mother, Madeline (Sharon Gless), and his younger brother, Nate, who always gets in trouble, it`s up to Michael to bail him out.

So, until Michael Westin finds out who burns him, he`s staying put in Miami.

Burn Notice does well mixing action with comedy, drama, suspense and espionage.  There`s also the classic sexual tension between Michael and Fiona, with the "will they/won`t they" dilemna.  Each of the actors come into their own as their characters, who have their own quirks and flaws, are still likable, intriguing and engaging.

So, see why critics called Jeffrey Donovan "terrific" with Burn Notice, tonight at 10pm on USA, where characters are always welcome.