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Published:December 4th, 2007 03:59 EST
Watch out YouTube, the Christian's are Coming

Watch out YouTube, the Christian's are Coming

By SOP newswire

Where can you find a Christian internet social networking community that features uplifting and inspirational videos, audio, games, and ministry websites - all for free? The answer is, the premier Christian media site, is quickly becoming the Christian parent's go-to "safe place" on the Internet for themselves and their families. Here they can gather around the computer to talk, build websites, play games, and share their videos with friends, families and other Christians.

"With free video streaming, moderated social networking features and free websites,"'s founder Rick Irving explained, " is a great host for start-up websites serving the communications needs of small churches and young ministries." gives these small or new Christian organizations the ability to upload their sermons, whether in video or audio format, and to create platforms for member-to-member communications, one-on-one evangelical outreach, and a whole suite of other popular web-based social networking features - all with a strong and mature Christian focus that guarantees both quality and safety."

With its wide-ranging game emporium and extensive music collection, has rapidly become a popular gathering place for teens and children. guarantees that each video and audio upload is reviewed-- because of this, parents can be assured that their children will not be exposed to any *PG-13* content.

Seeing as a way "to connect ministries around the world through the internet", founder Rick Irving makes sure that the site is user friendly-- it even features a live help button, staffed with knowledgeable Christian webmasters. "The main thrust of the site is to provide a safe place on the web," Irving pointed out, "one that allows you to set up your own FREE profile page, upload your own videos and music, play wholesome entertaining games, post events-- and even advertise items to sell. Our ChristianFamilyTube site is monitored by ministry staff that has the right to pull any questionable material," Irving said.

Built to help church ministries gain publicity for the Kingdom of God, also has a mercantile section where people can build a website to help them sell family-friendly products. The website offers new merchants the option of talking to the various shop owners before buying. With all of these exceptional features and benefits, has truly become Christians' "town square of the internet."

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