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Published:August 12th, 2008 16:17 EST
Nightly TV Listings: August 12, 2008

Nightly TV Listings: August 12, 2008

By Garrett Godwin

Good afternoon, everyone!

This is Garrett Godwin, and I`m here to tell you What`s On Tonight!

At 8pm, The Posse Rides Again on STARZ! Western, as actor-director Mario Van Peebles and the rest of cast and crew talks about the making of Posse, the controversial 1993 cowboy movie.  Then comes the showing at 8:30pm, which takes place at the West -- about Spanish-American War deserters that ends up protecting a black township against a crooked sheriff and his henchman.  Posse is not only the untold story of the West, but it is also one of the untold, underrated, and underrapperciated stories of African-American histories. 

Law & Order

Then at 9pm on A&E is three hours of the new series critics are calling "addictive", and see why with Benjamin Bratt as The Cleaner.  Bratt does a complete departure from his strait-laced Law & Order  role of Det. Rey Curtis as William Banks, former addict turned "extreme interventionist" who assembles a team, as they help others that are also struggling with their own addictions of alcohol, drugs, and sex.  This is a series that may be like no other ever, and the character Banks is Bratt`s most edgier and grittier role yet, for he is a man not only trying to help others with their own inner demons but also doing the same on his part, as Banks tries to reconnect with his wife and children.

And at 11pm on SOAPnet, check into General Hospital: Night Shift, as Robin (Kimberly McCullough) not only come to terms with the return of her father, Robert (Tristan Rogers), but also must face her biggest crisis as both a daughter and a doctor when she discovers he has a tumor.  Meanwhile, Jagger (Antonio Sabato, Jr.) asks Saira to evaulate his son, Stone, and it`s a full moon for Patrick (Jason Thompson) when a French-speaking woman claims he`s her lover.

And that`s What`s On Tonight!, so thanks for joining me. 

But don`t forget to check out the latest with Judyth Piazza on The American Perspective as well as with Del Marbrook on Hot Copy

I`m Garrett Godwin, and I have to Go Now once again, so I`ll see you later.