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Published:September 19th, 2008 14:01 EST
Heroes: Villains engage in the struggle between good and evil

Heroes: Villains engage in the struggle between good and evil

By Garrett Godwin

When there is light, there is darkness.  When there are good guys, there are bad guys.  First, they saved the cheerleader.  Then, they saved the world.  Next, they saved themselves.  However, whenever there are Heroes, there are Villains

Starting this Monday, Heroes return with a two-hour event to start off Volume 3, which was supposed to start the second half of Volume 2 but was delayed due to the writers` strike last year.  The response on Generations was mixed from fans, but Tim Kring has promise to make it up to them with Villains.

"We built this volume around the idea of hitting the ground with a tremendous amount of pace and adrenaline," states the creator/executive producer.  "In the first night, we`ve learned a lot of things and the show, I think, does very well.  One is the action theme.  Another is the idea of (being) scary, doing our version of a horror film.  We wanted to let the audience know this is going to be a roller-coaster ride."

When we last saw one of our Heroes, Nathan "Flying Man" Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar) was shot by an unknown assassin.  Season three will set out to resolve this, as the battle between good and evil will include the in-fighting with the Petrelli family, as the power of matriach Angela will be revealed in the premiere. 

"There`s a revelation about her that you wouldn`t dream to be true," states portrayer Cristine Rose.

Season three marks the return of Sylar`s powers (Zachary Quinto), who is setting his sights on Claire (Hayden Panettiere). 

"He finds himself in some unique positions" Quinto said.  "He`s forced to employ qualities of restraint he`s never been forced to employ before."

Joining Sylar in the League of Villains include Blake Shields` Flint, who is connected to one of the Heroes

"He grew up real rough," the actor said.  "Hard living twisted him to the point where he`s got a horrible violent streak.  The fire is a huge redemptive discovery.  The power gives him a place in the world.  He becomes more than an impoverished loser."

Though there`ll be Villains, you may expect some of our Heroes going to the dark side.  "There is the implication that some of our heroes can be villains," states Jack Coleman (H.R.G./Noah Bennet), "and the implications that some of who we know to be villains might have some heroism in them as well."

Volume 3 will last 13 episodes, followed by Volume 4 for 12 episodes this season-- starting this Monday night at 8pm on NBC.

"The first season was about the discovery of new powers and the choices we make," said Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura).  "Now that we know we have this power, what do we do?  It is the most difficult choices we have to make that defines our character."