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Published:September 25th, 2008 15:35 EST
Nightly TV Listings: September 25, 2008

Nightly TV Listings: September 25, 2008

By Garrett Godwin

Good afternoon, everyone!

This is Garrett Godwin, and I`m here to tell you What`s On Tonight!


Tonight is definitely a big night of premieres for NBC and ABC -- such as those above:

At 9pm tonight on ABC is Grey`s Anatomy, with the question that is on everyone`s mind: is there going to a "Happily Ever After" for the always "will they/won`t they" Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey)?  Meanwhile, a new doctor (former Journeyman Kevin McKidd) piques Christina`s (Sandra Oh) interest, and that`s just the start of season five.

Then at 10pm on NBC is ER, with Oscar nominee Angela Bassett joining the cast as the new chief of County General in the fifteenth and final season -- where a fan favorite isn`t coming back, but two will.  It has recently been confirmed that Anthony Edwards will return as Dr. Mark Greene via flashbacks; he passed away in 2002.  Also joining him in flashbacks is Noah Wyle as Dr. John Carter.  But what about George Clooney, aka Dr. Doug Ross?  His publicist states that it`s not going to be happen, but the actor did make a cameo in 2000 when Julianna Margulies left near the end of season six, when her character Carol Hathaway reunited with the love of her life in Seattle ... so anything is possible.

On the CW tonight at 8pm is an all-new Smallville, where Clark (Tom Welling) starts working at The Daily Planet, and then it`s Supernatural at 9pm when the Winchester brothers and Bobby are haunted by the spirits of Meg, FBI Agent Victor Henricksen, and children who accuse our demon-hunting heroes of not saving them.


And that is What`s On Tonight!, so thanks for joining me.  But don`t forget to check out the latest on The American Perspective with Judyth Piazza, as well as Hot Copy with Del Marbrook -- right here at the SOP.

I`m Garrett Godwin, and I have to Go Now once again, so I`ll see you later.