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Published:January 4th, 2010 15:25 EST
A Pop Culture Favorite 'The Simpsons'

A Pop Culture Favorite 'The Simpsons'

By Ron G Anselm

     One show that I can say has made it in the television world is the Simpsons. It must be a pretty good show since Sunday (Last Night) was its twentieth year anniversary show. This show has been running longer than any prime time television show and is catching-up to the old long running soap operas that have been around longer than most of us have been alive. My son started watching the Simpson`s when he just learned to say "Da, Da", and "Ma Ma", and he has now graduated from High School and is three times the size of me. It used to be and at times still is his and my favorite television show.

     The Simpsons has really been a show that has been a part of a lot of people`s lives and has defined a lot of the prime time television pop culture. What do most people of all ages like to watch on television? Something that can blend the humor of comedy into the real life world that those same people can relate to.  The Simpsons have it all, comedy, a pop culture favorite, most people can relate to the plot of the shows, and it is very entertaining.

    The show was created by Matt Groening and made its first appearances in prime time on December 17, 1989. The show has picked-up a ton of awards during its trek to greatness. The awards include twenty-five prime time Emmy Awards, twenty-six Peabody and Annie Awards, Time Magazine has named the Simpsons the best television show in past magazine issues, and a big honor is the show or the characters were awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

     Groening when he wrote the show came up with the idea of creating a dysfunctional family and he named each of the characters, Marge, Homer, Lisa and Maggie after the members of his own family. He did substitute the name Bart for his own name. The Simpsons have aired four-hundred and forty-nine episodes since the show started and in September of this year have already started airing the episodes for the twenty-first season. Who knows? Maybe the show will make a record and run for a century.

     If anyone has been a fan of this show and has watched it then we are all familiar with the famous catch phrase Homers says numerous times on the show. The catch phrase of D`oh! " Anytime he screws up that famous phrase fills our living rooms with the very orthodox phrase that really doesn`t make sense but this phrase has been adopted into our English Lexicon (Wikipedia, 2009, The Simpsons) I have even heard many people adopt this phrase into their own and everyday language and choice of words.

     The catchy theme song that we hear at the beginning of the show was written by Danny Elfman, is called The Simpson Theme " (Wikipedia, 2009, The Simpsons), and is composed by Alf Clausen. The theme song has a complete personality of its own. It is not like or even close to any song or theme song around, so when you hear it you immediately know the Simpsons television show is coming on in prime time. The theme song also brings you up if you are not in a good mood. They say music has a way of bringing your mood up or down and the Simpsons theme song is very upbeat and brings your mood up when you hear it.

     The show has other funny characters like Principal Skinner who is the blunt of all of Bart`s practical jokes,  the Simpsons Grand Pa who is probably or acts like probably one of the dumbest human beings alive but does it in a comical way, Krusty the Clown who is almost like a dried and washed-up Bozo the Clown, the ground keeper Willie the Scottish terror who has the personality and demeanor of a true Scotsman, Flanders the Simpson`s next door neighbor who is a straight shooter and ends up being belittled by Homer in almost any one of the episodes, Nelson who is the towns school bully, Itchy and Scratchy the cat and mouse psycho duo,  and many other cast of characters who I can honestly say do define the term character " and probably have more personality when it comes to the tern "Dysfunctional " than the move the Dirty Dozen had.

     The humor of the show is probably some of the best comedy ever for a prime time sitcom. The humor covers pop culture in many avenues from movies, television, music, literature, science, and history (Wikipedia, 2009, The Simpsons) this gives a variety of audiences from every type of demographics, and culture a mix of comedy and adds to the overall theme for the complete comedy of the show.

     There are also a variety of different catch phrases other than Homer`s famous D`oh! " The other catch phrases include the one from Mr. Burns who is famous for the catch phrase, Excellent! "... Or, the catch phrase by Nelson who we regularly hear him sort of laugh and say Ha-ha! (Wikipedia, 2009, The Simpsons) We are all accustomed to Bart`s famous catch phrase of Ay caramba! " Or, Don`t have a cow, man! " And also Eat my shorts! " (Wikipedia, 2009, The Simpsons) I think the catch phrases alone define the theme and comedy of the show in a broad aspect.

     Even though the Simpsons have been a big part of pop culture television and is a show that is loved by the American television audience, it has also been a show through the years of lots of controversy. The Bart character has been defined by not only parents and teachers in school has a very rebellious and negative character that is proud of his rebellious ways and does not care. He has been said to be a bad role model for children. Even President Bush made a speech one time slamming the Simpsons theme of dysfunctionality and Bart`s rebellious attitude.

     I think Matt Groening hit the nail on the head when he made a statement in lieu of all the controversy of the show and the controversy surrounding the character Bart by basically summing it up with " and in my own words, the character Bart is bored with the everyday normal of life, he wants to mix it up. Most everyone in today`s society are worrying and struggling to act as normal as they can and to fit in. Bart is doing just the opposite and to me doing just the opposite " is a lot more fun than just acting like a robot and trying to please everyone else by being the way they want you to be. I like the fun and different attitude especially the rebellious attitude because for the show to me, it is not a normal rebellious attitude portrayed by Bart of even the Simpsons as a whole, the attitude of the show is meant in a fun and comical way, not a negative way.

     So, to turn away from your everyday normal prime time television shows, if you have not ever had a chance to tune in and watch the Simpsons or maybe missed the twentieth anniversary show last night, turn on your television next week and sit back and expect to laugh and be entertained by a show that has been around a long time and will be around for a while and watch a show full of the out of the ordinary comedy and humor that in itself is more entertaining than most comedy sitcoms taking up air time on television today. The Simpsons has entertained us for two decades and is still a big fan favorite. Just remembers, when you hear that famous theme song that will entertain just listening to it, think about Homer and his famous catch phrase, D`oh! " " just hearing that will set your mood and get you ready to laugh.



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