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Published:December 28th, 2005 18:33 EST
31-year-old Ft. Pierce, Fla. man stabbed in altercation after dirt bike race

31-year-old Ft. Pierce, Fla. man stabbed in altercation after dirt bike race

By Matthew Kent

By Matthew Kent

A 31-year-old Ft. Pierce, Fla. man was stabbed in the back after a dirt-bike race altercation ended in a dispute over $380 on Tuesday, police said.


The victim, Billy Griffin, told Officer Lasolomon Archie of St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office that he was riding his dirt bike along a canal when a black male by the name of “Git” approached him and asked him if he wanted to race his bike.


Police reports state that Griffin told the suspect ‘Yes’ and then followed him across 25th Street and Ave. T to the other side of the canal. Griffin stated to police, “We wagered $380 on the race, which I won. Git paid me the money, but after giving me the money, he told me he couldn’t lose his money like that and I had to give him another run cause I jumped the line.”


Griffin also said that the suspect “needed more sportsmanship” and “he got angry and grabbed me around my arms in a bear hug.” Griffin pushed him away and both parties exchanged punches, police said.

Griffin also said, “I saw something in his hand that he used to strike me in the back…I noticed I was bleeding and jumped up and rode my dirt bike home to get help.”


Lasolomon stated that Griffin was unable to remember what the suspect was wearing at the time of the stabbing, but could identify him if seen again.


Police reports also indicate that Griffin had a half-inch gash on his upper back next to his shoulder blade, which the knife penetrated through his back and punctured his lung and caused it to collapse.


The case was originally as an battery/aggravated assault crime and is now being treated as an attempted murder, a felony in the state of Florida, police say.


The description of the suspect is an African-American male, between 5’7” and 5’9” tall, weighing about 135 to 140 lbs. with dreadlocks and a slim to medium build. The case is still under investigation by the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office.