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Published:May 23rd, 2007 11:13 EST
Immigration reform - Take my job ...please

Immigration reform - Take my job ...please

By Will Roberts

Immigration reform - I see and hear, all the time, a statement like "These folks work real hard and they will take all the jobs that Americans DON'T want and they will do it for pennies on the dollarâ€". Now, that can be seen as a negative statement and a positive statement. However, my hit on this is... Employment should not be defined as "The work you want moreâ€" but more as “The work you needâ€". If you are one of the Americans that are affected by the statement above then here is a POSSIBLE solution... We Americans should consider taking these jobs (at what ever rate of pay) and ANY job that is open to us. This way if we take all the jobs, it will make us (the USA) less appealing to folks that are waiting in line to get them (and there won’t be any jobs left for them anyway. People can make more money doing “somethingâ€" than doing “nothingâ€" (unless you are a politician). In that case, we would pay them more if they would just do LESS.
The statement: "They will take all the jobs that Americans DON’T want", makes Americans sound like we are too good to work in our own country. Maybe we should try the reverse and see what we might be paid in their country… Then wonder why everyone wants to be in America.