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Published:June 4th, 2007 05:26 EST
Ewing Council Meeting Convened in May

Ewing Council Meeting Convened in May

By Inactive Writer

A Ewing Township council meeting in May brought several items to the table, such as an upcoming fair, the implication of gangs at the high school, and a noise problem in Shamrock Park. The council passed ordinances and resolutions in connection with marriage and civil union ceremonies, officer and township salaries, corporate trading, transfer of consumption liquor license, and the authorization of the award of a fair.        

Vice President Bert Steinmann introduced the topic of a Community Fest, which will be held Columbus Day weekend, October 6th.  It is free to the public.

He said that from A to Z, including arts and crafts is what you find at the Community Fest.   He described days when the weather was exceptional and thousands of people attended. 

Steinmann commented on the diversity of the gathering as well a food fest. 

There will be multicultural representation as well as food, " he joked.

Councilperson Joseph Murphy volunteered to be a food taster at the fest and encouraged others to participate as well. 

I`m not eating for three days before this happens because I want to taste everything, " he said.

The council makes an effort to bring in entertainment from local talent, such as professional bands, according to Steinmann.

I`m happy to say that the sponsors of last year will be sponsors this year, " Steinmann added.   

Steinmann explained that Ewing Township pays for basically everything " at the fest. 

Councilperson Donald Cox attended a Ewing High School Strategic Planning Committee Advisory Board meeting and found that most of the things at the high school are running very well. " 

Cox reported that there was a negative impression at the meeting that implied there were gangs at the high school.

However, according to Cox, the principal of the school said he has no knowledge of any gang members being at the high school at all. "

Cox also went to a senior citizens council meeting in May and learned that there was a senior`s dance with about 85 attendees.

A resident mentioned that a walking track near the municipal building is in need of repair, specifically the lights that illuminate the track. 

Towards the end of the meeting, a heated discussion persisted on a noise problem in Shamrock Park.

A 32-year Ewing resident complained of the drinking, smoking, and constant brouhaha.  

From midnight to 2 o`clock it`s like a football game, " he said. 

Cox read the noise ordinance, which stated,  after 10pm at night you have a right to complain. "

In response, President Les Summiel assured the Ewing resident that administration, the police will take care of the matter, and everything will be resolved before July. " 

Note: This article was originally contributed by a writer who is no longer associated with theSOP.