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Published:September 11th, 2007 06:04 EST
Statement to CIA Employees on 9/11 Anniversary

Statement to CIA Employees on 9/11 Anniversary

By SOP newswire

Tuesday will mark six years since the attacks of 11 September.  The passage of time has neither reduced our resolve nor diverted our focus.  CIA’s dedication to both the memory of the fallen and the safety of our fellow citizens is undiminished and absolute.

During those six years, we have maintained the highest operational tempo in our Agency’s history, and we have won many victories over a determined and vicious enemy.  Our officers were the first into Afghanistan, and they serve alongside our military both there and in Iraq.  With skill and dedication, alone and with partners worldwide, we seek to advance our nation’s security and that of our allies.  The counterterrorism arrests in Europe last week are good examples not only of international cooperation, but of collaboration with our Community, law enforcement, and military colleagues.

We have since 11 September grown both larger and smarter as an organization.  Thousands of new officers have joined our ranks: men and women of diverse backgrounds, whose talent, creativity, and energy will serve us well in the long fight ahead.  We must each day learn from both our successes and our shortcomings, and apply those lessons to accomplish our vital mission. 

No matter your specialty here at CIA, you share our Agency’s overriding purpose: to protect the American people.  Everything we do—all our hard work on every foreign threat our Republic faces—contributes to that objective. 

On Friday, I was in New York speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations about our Agency and the war on terrorism.  Amid the discussion of the challenges we face in that fight, a simple fact is central: your tireless work, along with that of our partners in other agencies and departments, is the single best reason why there has not been an attack in our country in the last six years.

Mike Hayden