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Published:October 12th, 2007 11:37 EST
New blog takes hard look at wildlife, endangered species conservation

New blog takes hard look at wildlife, endangered species conservation

By Almas Records

Wildlife species are declining at an alarming rate around the world with extinction rates at 45 times the normal rate according to some experts.

That is why award-winning writer/photographer and conservation author Chester Moore has unveiled a new blog entitled Project: Zoo Quest.

“There are many, many species that need attention paid to them from the conservation world and the public at large. This blog will feature all kinds of information on wildlife but the main focus will be on the conservation needs of endangered wildlife, especially the species that get little publicity,” Moore said.

He lists a prime example as the Asiatic elephant.

“One of my recent postings details the fact you rarely hear about the major decline in Asiatic elephants which at best estimates number around 32,000 in the wild. African elephants which are darlings of the media stand at around 500,000 wild specimens,” Moore said.

“It’s great that much of the poaching problem with African elephants has been curtailed and they deserve continued monitoring but the numbers do not lie. Wild populations of Asiatic elephants are in much greater trouble.”

The blog will also detail Moore’s passion for chronicling wildlife that doesn’t fall into known boundaries.

“I have always said unless an animal is restricted to an island, the ranges in most textbooks are wrong. Animals do not read maps and with the huge trade in exotic animals there are species turning up in places they are definitely not supposed to be,” he said.

A prime example is his recent chronicling of black bears turning up in Texas.

“Bears are native to Texas but have been eliminated from the region for a long time. Now, they are coming back and they are showing up in areas people would least expect them. And we just happen to have photographic evidence on the site,” Moore said.

“This blog will detail a lot of the things you won’t hear much about elsewhere on the Net and will feature lots of award-winning quality photography as well. I look forward to hearing feedback from the public and working to make this something that will raise awareness to important conservation issues.”

To read Moore’s blog, go to


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