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Published:October 12th, 2007 12:34 EST

Texas Waterfowl Author Stresses Need for Conservation

By Texas Fish and Game

Waterfowl management in the United States is at a crossroads. That is why Chester Moore, Executive Editor of Texas Fish & Game magazine, and author of the recently released Texas Waterfowl, said, "Now is the time to take action."

“We’re in a situation right now where we can ensure the future of waterfowl and waterfowl hunting for future generations or we could lose a big portion of what we have," Moore said.

One of the big concerns is the push for ethanol or "bio-fuel" which is luring many farmers to turn land currently dedicated to wildlife to corn.

“The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) which sets aside farm land for conservation is crucial to duck populations. It has added about two million ducks to the fall flight each year since 1992 and about two million acres are up for renewal now. If a bunch of these landowners get off the CRP program and go into corn production the results will be extremely problematic for ducks and duck hunters," Moore said.

Texas Waterfowl explores the benefits of CRP and calls for other measures that could greatly benefit ducks.

“There are a number of things waterfowl managers need to look at very seriously if they want to conserve waterfowl populations," Moore said.

This includes purchasing land in the nesting grounds of the prairie pothole region.

“The government buys up tens of thousands of acres a year in the wintering grounds and that is important, but most of the money for refuges should go toward acquisition of nesting grounds. It doesn’t make much sense to have places for ducks to winter if there aren’t any ducks," Moore said.

“The grasslands in the Great Plains, especially those in the Missouri Coteau region, are the most productive for waterfowl in North America. The government owns very little land in the nesting grounds but are the largest landowners in several coastal counties in Texas, for example. It just doesn’t make much sense," Moore added.

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