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Published:November 1st, 2007 14:54 EST
Chase Von Reports On Recent Tape by 'Dawg, The Bounty Hunter.'

Chase Von Reports On Recent Tape by 'Dawg, The Bounty Hunter.'

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

Racism is alive, But one must not forget, not all are racist

Last night I heard something that really made me sick to the stomach.  I just happened to be looking over bulletins on my space, during breaks of handing out candy and singer Gaelle had posted something to do with "Dawg, The Bounty Hunter."   I read her brief explanation but I wasn't prepared for the audio.  Like millions of other Americans and people world wide I would imagine, I admired him.  Here is someone that went from one side of the bars to the other and had really made something of his life!  And not only that, but was removing dangerous people from the streets and making the world a better place with his choices in how he improved his own life!

We have a serious problem here.  Not just based on his disturbing audio that he thought no one would hear, although he also prophetically stated he didn't want his use of the word NIGGER being picked up by 'The National Enquire', and that's exactly what happened.  But quite frankly, RACISM!  There's been a literal wave of it to hit us it seems repeatedly in the last few years.  Not that it hasn't always been here.  Just now it is very evident to everyone that there seems to be three types of people in America.

Those who are not racist.

Those who are and are vocal about it.

And those who are but are trying and failing to keep that knowledge from reaching the world at large.

And not because they care if those who know they are racist, know they are racist.  But because of the larger effects it will have on their lives if that knowledge is some how made public.  In my book I think I use the term twice but the context in which I use it is like (A)...  How blacks sometimes refer to friends, and like (B)...  "The definition of Nigger isn't Black or White, it does apply to anyone that is not all that bright."

With any derogatory or offensive term I like to think I use them for realism, not just to be offensive or derogatory.

People are also still confusing my book cover with the Black Panthers, although it is a tribute to my American Indian Heritage so I know racism is alive and well.

The word however has become a powder keg, or more precisely, like a dangerous explosive element, that can ignite and destroy and or ruin anyone who uses it carelessly in an instant.  This might upset some people but I am going to say it any way and it isn't because I am desensitized to the word.  Dawg's using it didn't upset me half as much as his stating that he didn't want a black dating a member of his family.  Add to that because his 'families' use of that word.  There are some who are just upset by the fact he admitted his family frequently uses the word, although he didn't know he was admitting it, but I think a brief history lesson is needed here. 

Nigger was a derogatory term used to define blacks by whites as less than human beings and of which the word in Spanish for black is still in practice today and proceeded it's use in the colonies.  Since slavery it has been a demeaning word but it has survived in use in this country because it simply won't go away.  Additionally, and much loved by all races, Comedian Richard Pryor perhaps used the word more often than any public person ever has and had a best selling album called, "That Niggers Crazy!"  Which he felt at one point finally removed the power that the word once had.  He later felt differently about it, but the word has been in constant use since the birth of this nation in one way or another, and yes, I have heard it also goes back to how kings in the mother land were once referred to.  Quite frankly, there are going to be people that are going to still use it.  It has been used derogatorily, affectionately, hatefully and historically as in the acclaimed movie mini series "Roots" by Alex Haley.      

The word is going to be used regardless, and perhaps more publicly now because in order to address the rampant racism it will be a necessity to utilize the word.  But publicly or privately it is still going to be used.  Sometimes directly and some times as a slip of the tongue which I think was the case with Don Imus.  (Although I don't think he used the word, I do recall something about Nappy Haired HO's).  I also know how many people he helped with his profitable charitable contributions and it was all races.  His biggest mistake remains to me, that he forgot for that brief moment he himself was not black. 

However, Jena 6? Racist situation

The black girl who received years in jail, for pushing a white hall attendant?  Racist situation.

Kramer and his tirade?  Open and shut case of racism.

And in addition to all the others now the "Dawg?"  For me, it is blatant racism.  I myself am mixed.  Black, Blackfoot Indian, Cherokee Indian and according to family lore, some French as well.  I see people in simple terms, Good or Bad.  Skin color means nothing to me.  Having served and grown up in a military environment, I see people as people.

I am all for racial pride.  I'm proud of all the ones I have.  But I am not in favor of people making life decisions for others based on race.  Which to me is the clearest indication of a racist.  If someone chooses to be with a person of their own race then by all means, that is your choice.  But when you decide that someone else has to be with that race as well because of what you believe, you have just identified yourself as a racist. 

And that is exactly what came across in this audio.

The N word is something that is often used in conjunction with racism.  Blacks have said, 'That's ma Nigga!' for a very long time and although there are those that are offended even in those instances, there are also those that have affectionately used it as well as a term of endearment.  Semantics wise, if you use the word and the meaning totally changes if you replace it with any other derogatory term as in "That's ma Slave", then we really shouldn't be using it all.  No matter what your race is.  Perhaps if there is an exception to that, it should be in a historical sense because one couldn't really actually discuss the past honestly if they excluded it.  Now is NAS still going to call his next release Nigger?  I wonder....

What I think really needs to be addressed in addition to how this word and those like it that refer derogatorily to the Black race, is the racial divide that still exist and is too obvious to ignore.  Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Indians, and a host of other races are fighting and dying or being maimed for life together right at this very second for a country that they will, if fortunate enough to survive and return to, still be bickering amongst one another over issues like no black is going to be a part of this family!  Periodically I look over the list of the fallen and see people I served with.  Just saw another one the other day.  I see families when I see these people that are going to be living the remainder of their lives without the presence of these individuals.  And I see Marines and Sailors that gave all and color wasn't an issue for them.  For they are of all colors and races. 

There's nothing wrong with the human race.  There is a lot wrong with human thinking.  Genetically it always works.  Oscar winner Halle Berry, acclaimed singers Shania Twain and Mariah Carey and I could go on and on are all living testaments that if different races come together, beauty can emerge.  I like many others, am hurt by how the "Dawg", actually thinks.  But I also want to address something that might be being over looked here and just might be a sign that the world is indeed changing.  Apparently his son, through his eyes, see's love.  And that love is something that accepts a woman, despite what color she happens to be, at the risk of displeasing his father.

So let's not forget that perhaps one generation, might have a much more open view of people and accepting them as they are, then as indicated in this audio, the one that proceeds it.  That part I am sure, is not going to be given its fair due in the latest racial storm to hit. 


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