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Published:July 13th, 2008 14:02 EST
Hey, Glenn Brandon Burke, What's On Your Mind?

Hey, Glenn Brandon Burke, What's On Your Mind?

By Glenn Brandon Burke (Mentor/Speaker)

Hey, Glenn Brandon Burke, What`s on Your Mind?
(Weekly Columnist)
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What happened to "You`re welcome"?


Hey, Everybody!


This week`s topic is one that has bothered me for many years, and I would like your feedback/opinion. Please send to


As a Motivational Speaker I travel all over the country, and live in one of the top tourist destinations in the world -- Las Vegas, Nevada. Very often I use services where one would think, that the customer service would be top notch. And though I could do an entire lecture or article on how customer service, depending upon the quality, can either increase or decrease business, I won`t since that`s not what I`m doing this week.


 I`m here to talk about two words, that when used together, are the politest two words a person can use. Especially in the customer service industry. However, they are seldom used. So what are they? They are "You`re welcome."


Last week my wife and I were dining in a five-star restaurant in a famous Las Vegas hotel. When the waiter completed taking our orders, without a word, began to walk away. So I said, "Thank You." He did a half turn back toward us, and without even looking us in the eyes, said, "Uh-huh."  


About half way through our meal, a gentleman in a black suit (which I later found out was one of the managers) walk up and began his conversation with me by saying, "Hey, boss." Then proceeded to ask how we were enjoying our meal? When I replied with "Excuse me?" He then changed his street tone and slang for, "Good evening sir."


And just last Friday as I was approaching a building entrance, I noticed a woman approaching, too. As we both reach the door, I pulled open the door and motioned for her to enter first. She did, and proceeded to continued walking. Loudly enough, but not yelling by any means, I said, "You`re welcome!"  She stopped dead in her tracks. Turned around and said with a nasty tone, `what did you say!?!" Maybe she hadn`t been laid in a few years. Or possibly had a bad day at the office. I don`t know. But there was no need for her nasty tone. So, I responded to her nasty-toned question by saying, "I sarcastically said, `you`re welcome. ` And that was because when I held open the door for you, you didn`t say thank you." She turned and walked away in a huff.


I could go on and on relating stories of poor customer service, but as I first mentioned, this week I`m really about the common courtesy of the words, "You`re welcome."


In response to my saying thank you to someone, I`ve heard, "Uh-huh." "Yeah." "Sure." "No problem." and I been looked at as though I was from another country and the person didn`t understand what I was saying.


Who raised these people? Who trained these people for customer service? When was it decided that "You`re welcome" was no longer needed in society?

I looked it up in the dictionary and it`s still there.


With all the traveling I do, and dining out, as I come across businesses with whom I`m doing dealing, if I find their customer service is lacking more and more, I will stop using that establishment, tell my friends, and possible consider becoming a full time journalist specializing in pointing out businesses I recommend not patronizing due to their poor customer service, and especially if they do not say "you`re welcome." I will become the Customer Service Journalist from Hell. HA!


Please, give me some feedback/opinion on this topic. Am I alone in my thoughts? Or are there others out there wondering where society went wrong when it comes to politeness?


Two words: "You`Re." and "Welcome." This isn`t rocket science or brain surgery. It`s simple politeness. Come on people. Be polite. There`s nothing wrong with it.


Thank you!


"The Power of Choice!"

Glenn Brandon Burke, M.A.Ed