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Published:April 25th, 2009 11:43 EST
Militant Islam Or Eurofacists At A.U.

Militant Islam Or Eurofacists At A.U.

By SOP newswire2

(Always) say: "O my Lord! Increase my knowledge.` "

The Holy Quran, 20:114

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) revealed today that a speaker for an event next week at American University (AU) in Washington, D.C., will also take part in an upcoming Eurofacist " conference in Europe.

Robert Spencer, publisher of the anti-Islam Internet hate site Jihad Watch, " is scheduled to speak at AU on April 27 about The Threat of Militant Islam. " The event is sponsored by a student group called Youth for Western Civilization (YWC), which describes itself as the West`s right wing youth movement. " YWC`s mission statement says: This movement is focused on the support of Western history, identity, high culture, and pride and opposition to radical multiculturalism, political correctness, racial preferences, mass immigration, and socialism. "

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A March 30, 2009, article in The Tennessean said of YWC: The Southern Poverty Law Center issued a warning last month that the national founders of Youth for Western Civilization, Marcus Epstein and Kevin DeAnna, have posted to white supremacist Web sites in the past. " Center spokeswoman Heidi Beirich said of the language the group is using: "To us, it`s racism, pure and simple."

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In recent weeks, even other anti-Muslim Internet sites have criticized Spencer for his ties to Eurofacists. "

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The blog Little Green Footballs " (LGF) notes that Spencer will speak at a European conference in May organized by a group called "Pro Köln` " a successor to the notorious fascist group "Deutsche Liga für Volk und Heimat` (the "German League for People and Homeland`). "

LGF goes on to note that the Pro Köln group is under observation by the German inland secret service "One of the main organizers of "Pro Köln` is Manfred Rouhs. Here are two photos of Rous with hardcore neo-Nazi activist Axel Reitz, who the local media call "the Hitler of Cologne.` "