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Published:September 8th, 2009 21:09 EST
Praying for the Death of a President

Praying for the Death of a President

By Daniel Marsche

On the evening of August 16th 2009, Pastor Steven L. Anderson stood at the pulpit of the Faithful Word Baptist Church to deliver his sermon titled, "Why I Hate Barack Obama." During this sermon, Mr. Anderson not only emphatically conveyed to his congregation that he hated the 44th President of the United States, but also declared that he would be praying that very evening that Barack Obama would die and burn in hell.

The pastor`s rhetoric was composed as a protest to the First Family`s visit to Phoenix in August 2009; a protest the man admits was staged from the pulpit because he could not demonstrate against the president in person. He claimed to be too busy, yet made it clear to his congregation that, if he could attend, he would protest. The following day, an attendant of Mr. Anderson`s service, Chris Broughton, arrived with an AR-15 rifle at an event where President Obama was making an appearance.  

Among Anderson`s chief complaints during the sermon were the president`s stands on social issues such as homosexuality and abortion. The pastor cited many biblical verses to support his cause regardless of their actual context within the scriptures. "The wicked are estranged from the womb," Anderson preached at one point. "They go astray as soon as they are born speaking lies." And it was Anderson`s opinion that Obama was so estranged, and also that Obama was beyond redemption in the eyes of God.

To emphasize this belief, Anderson further cited another verse from the bible, which implied that Obama was so wicked that his mother should be punished for the sake of his birth. In the midst of his Obama bashing, though, the pastor did take a moment to also admonish former President Bush claiming that it was his administration that appointed the greatest number of queers to office and that he did nothing to stop abortion. 

"Anderson`s words and Broughton`s actions have consequently spawned an investigation by the Secret Service. Following an initial interview with both the pastor and the gun-toting Broughton, the agency has advised that they will take action with appropriate follow up." The details of such follow up actions remain undisclosed.  

Members of the Baptist community are left duly unimpressed with Anderson`s oratory, and do not wish for the public to mistake him as speaking on their behalf. To be clear, it must be revealed that Pastor Steven L. Anderson esteems himself to be of an Independent Baptist affiliation. In addition, he holds no seminary degree of any denomination, and his greatest credential is that he "has committed well over 100 chapters of the Bible to memory."  

Kevin Bauder, President of the Central Baptist Theological Seminary Center, issued the following statement in response to Anderson`s sermon: "I find it deplorable. The man to whom you refer [Pastor Anderson] speaks for no one but himself. He doesn`t speak for Baptists or fundamentalist. You could not find any more than a handful [of people] that would agree with what he is praying. We [Central Baptist Theological Seminary] pray for the health and well-being of Barack Obama. It doesn`t mean that we agree with all of his policies, but we highly respect his office, and, as a person, we want him to prosper."  

Another undisclosed source of the Baptist affiliation requested that the public be aware that this pastor`s remarks are his own "and he [Pastor Anderson] does not speak for the entire Baptist denomination."  

Attempts to reach Pastor Steven L. Anderson by phone were met with a recorded message advising that the subscriber dialed is not in service.