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Published:June 5th, 2008 22:12 EST
Will Roberts' weekly telegram - Let the race begin

Will Roberts' weekly telegram - Let the race begin

By Will Roberts
Will Rogers' Weekly Telegram

Memorial Day weekend:

Well this last week was Memorial Day weekend, in recent years folks would have packed up and been ready roll. Cars, trains, planes-- any form of transportation to get away. However, this year with gas the way it is, $132 a barrel, folks didn`t roll anywhere, unless it was to roll to the local convenience store and get their own barrel of beer to get away for the weekend, in there minds, anyhow.

This is a weekend that is set aide to remember the fallen solders and the proud solders who still grace us with there patriotic presents, so if you see a vet, thank them and let them know you are glad you can do it in person. Then, if you can, take `em out for a cup of coffee and let them talk. Listening to the stories about how it was, it just gives us an indication as to how it might be in the coming years IF we make the right choice.

McCain entertained some friends last weekend, you know.  It just so happened that these friends are also VP hopefuls.  A weekend of relaxing, fishing, hiking and a game of apprentice. I am making a prediction here.  Here are your hints:

1.  This hopeful can raise enough money in a day to fund the campaign or reach in his own pocket to bank roll it;

2.  Has a conservative following;

3.  Has a strong grasp of economics;

4.  Has nice hair; and,

5.  Most Americans have not heard of the other two.

You guessed it, Mitt Romney.

Although McCain says the weekend is not the type of meeting that the press thinks it is, wining, dining and stargazing. All signs seems to point in that direction. Unless these four are planning to consider this weekend a Republican team-building exercise. I just don`t see McCain, 72, Romney and the other two guys taking a hike up a hill, unless it is Capital Hill.

Oh, by the way, I saw something today about McCain`s "clean bill of health" NOT related to the GI BILL that he passed on. Doctors say he has a good heart. Despite the 3 encounters of melanoma he has survived. So he should be fine, as long as he stays away from the bight lights. So McCain you might just want to step back a few feet when General elections start, the bright light around Obama is only going to get brighter. 

Democrats: Boy, it just seems so hard these days to find anything that will keep folks` attention. TV networks spend billions of dollars. Product people, like Coke, insurance and drug companies constantly prodding us to buy their magic formulas that make us healthier, skinnier or firmer, but no one seems to be able to accomplish this mission. Maybe it is because we just can`t AFFORD to PAY attention these days. Wait, I take that back, there is one campaign that has captured our attention.  Lord knows they have spent OUR MONEY to get this task done, and that is the 2008 presidential elections.

Mainly Democrats, and some Republicans, have found the right "advertising" buzz word, "Change."  Only, now that they got us to buy into it, we are stuck in the same old pattern, as usual.  This slogan of change is now the slogan of "The SAME old thang." Obama backing up the top of the mountain "Feet first" so he can watch his own back. And Hillary is digging deeper to loosen the ground in hopes that he loses footing.

In the political theater/arena what Hillary did this week is known as a "Final Curtain Call." But, knowing this performer, I am sure there will be many encore bows.

Before they drop the curtain on this whole show, don`t be surprised if you see her standing in the wings "HOPING" our star Democrat breaks his leg.

Let`s HOPE now that we can get to the general elections and get to the general issues.

This week also has shown something that you just don`t see happen very often in politics, the two parties uniting. That rally of support comes for Senator Ted Kennedy who was diagnosed this last week with a malignant brain tumor and the percentage of his living more than 5 years is somewhat low.

One can only look to the name and the family of fighters and think, "He is a Kennedy, and he can beat the odds." Besides, it is probably a walk in the park in comparison to the past eight years on the Senate floor. Good luck to you sir.  It is odd, but true.  Both parties wish you back in your seat after you recover.


I was in Portland for the last week and the only deal I got on gas was the deal I got when they asked if I wanted to return the rental car empty or not. See, they offer a discounted rate on gas if you buy ahead of time. "Prepaid" basically means they will sell you a full tank of gas at their price, say, $3.79. Normally, near the airport it would be $4.02 a gallon. 

It is a little better than the stations surrounding the airport, mainly because they know you will be coming back to the airport in a rush and won`t have time to fill up at a station NOwhere near the airport. Just so you know. First, I thought it would seem that this airport deal is the best deal, however, if you only drive a short distance you bought a FULL TANK AND WILL BE RETURNING it almost full, which means they make out like a bandit. I sure did not see a lot of folks out on the roads this last week. I guess that has some good benefits.  One, less road accidents; and, two, global warming might be slown down a bit if our gauges are harder to raise. The only reason folks will travel soon is because they need to.


Now, even though my weekly telegram usually focuses on the week past. I have decided to add the fallen soldiers of Memorial Day in the last weeks telegram, mainly on the count that remembering something after it has happened, in this case, defeats the purpose and what the soldiers stand for. And, what they stand for is action. I have decided to add in my comments I made for Veterans Day this last year. What is the difference between a veteran and a fallen soldier?  Maybe it is caring.  So, I give you my comments on the soldiers still with us in hopes that a little extra "care" from ALL of us just might make the difference.

Now, all I know is what I see on the street corners. Monday is Veterans Day and to celebrate it the homeless veterans will be having a parade, on your local street corners. The theme for this year is "Nothings changed, and it has gotten worse!"  Now, just the other day I hear the news where President Bush and his cronies made the statement that they were going to work towards changing this situation for the vets. They are doing what I call the "working backwards" plan.  See most vets, when they signed up for this red, white and blue bill of goods, thought that since they had the United States of America in their best interest that the USA would have their basic needs in their thoughts and prays. Well, it seems like the government did not get their prays answered, because almost 200 thousand of these have-been heroes are living on the streets and NOT living the American dream. Unless you consider a cardboard box a condominium.

If you walk down the street or drive down our roads you see these vets, not standing tall or not being able to stand at all. Not proud to be American, just lost in red tape. Now, the hardest thing to do is spot a vet in need. It is easy to spot a homeless person; vets only make up 25% of the homeless. The other 75% are just homeless and should get a job. But, no one will hire them, which makes that task a little hard to do. No one will hire a homeless vet, can`t-- trust `em, even though the government trusts him or her on the front lines.  Some folks think give them a hand out, some say don`t.  But, all they really want is a helping hand.

In our society we have a place for people who don`t follow the rules; they get what is coming to them. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. We call it a prison.

Prison folks that spend time in the slammer and only know the slammer, and when they come out they have nothing but a few bucks to their name and, in most cases, will commit a crime to get back to that comfortable lifestyle they had in the prison. Now it is pretty sad that they would think that being in a place we consider to be hell, is their home sweet home. The only difference to me seems to be that prisons have a way back to food and shelter, homeless vets don`t.  Our government won`t take them back under their wing because they are all shot up and mentally destroyed.

I think it may be time to make sure that we give every American what is due them: Food in their stomachs and a roof over their heads. Especially the folks who fought to get us where we are now, eating freedom pie.

`Cause you know, we will have another wave of vets coming through the system very soon.

Oklahoma: Twist and shout!

Finally, I am going to pull away from any humor to let the folks from Oklahoma and surrounding states who have been hit by the recent weather know that we are with you all and we will help in any way you see fit.

Now, the good thing about a place like Oklahoma is that they are used to weather like this. That is where the line from the song "Oklahoma" came from, "Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the planes: and the waving wheat . . ." It is just that sometimes it sweeps up more than other times. But, Oklahomans will pick up the pieces, even if they don`t get help from the government. Be safe, lock it down and, Oklahomans, you will be OK?