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Published:September 4th, 2008 10:15 EST
Palin vs Clinton "Cat fight of the Century"

Palin vs Clinton "Cat fight of the Century"

By Will Roberts

Now as you may or may not know last week in the middle of my 12 day, 6 state tour I packed up my saddle bags and stopped off in Denver for the DNC.

Well, this week to be fair and balanced, I got my media credentials for the RNC. Although I may seem heavy on the Democratic side at times, I am an independent that likes to believe I am a little bit of both parties, at least until one party starts acting up, then I will jump ship like a pirate looking for a treasure map. Plus, I don`t have a problem flip flopping on my choices.

I call this "Changing my mind" and it is one of the fine perks of being an American, Freedom of choice. Politicians can`t do this move (Flip Flopping) because it could ruin there careers, which makes no sense to us Americans. As the facts change, so should your opinion. Being stubborn is not a trait of a flexible leader, or the makeup of a dictator.

Ok, now that I have made my case for being an independent with Democratic tendencies. Let me get back on track. If I get off message my Republican friends finding this online would hold it against me.

So, I was off to the RNC and then POW! Hurricane Gustav decided to have a celebration of its own and the only person who decided to show up to this one was Mother Nature.

Now, considering that a person`s creativity is considered to be found on the right side of the brain and logical side is the left. I would say after what I saw last night at the Republicans convention, it looks like they may have decided to swap brains.

Democrats are supposed to be the creative artist ones and Republicans, well, ... they do the books, the numbers, left brain logical, . . . scrap that word logical, I don`t want to have Republicans using that word to describe themselves.

Last night, I have never seen more images of America, Flags, Red, White and BOY oh BOY did they give us an eyeful. I have not seen so much patriotism since the World War II movie, IN TECHNICOLOR.

Democrats plan for their convention was let`s talk about it and the words "YES WE CAN!" Mean while Republicans are playing to the base... The base of every American that has watched a movie that had an underdog, a good fight, a child and a pretty woman.

They are shooting for Rocky and the Democrats are more Mr. Smith goes to Washington. These days a good fight goes a lot further than a good talk. Democrats, you better pull out all the stops because this epic made for TV movie the Republicans are producing is trumping your "Grass ROOTS" film.

I have a plan for you Democrats, but don`t let it out of the bag until the day of the first VP debate.

PLAN: We all know that Republicans are banking on the debates. Everyone I have talked to has said that IF Democrats come off to harsh to the Republican VP they will look sexist. So here is what you should do. Have Biden pull out of the race for some patriotic reason, his son or something. Then insert Hillary Clinton and have her debate Palin.

This would turn the country on its end. Billed as the "Cat fight of the Century." Let`s see if this Alaskan Governor is a better aim than our New York Senator Hillary Clinton.

Will Roberts is a trick roper and cowboy humorist, who pays tribute to Will Rogers, America`s cowboy, with a wit as quick as his rope. See Will`s latest video story at

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