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Published:November 7th, 2008 19:53 EST
Is the World Ready for a Proposition?

Is the World Ready for a Proposition?

By Will Roberts

Well I knew it was too good to be true, the idea that I would be able to get away from siding with one group of countrymen-women or the other, Maybe tomorrow.

See, as the election results roll in, Americans will not only be looking at new faces, but new ways of running our country. I am speaking of bills that passed and didn`t pass and the biggest pass on a bill has to do with a lifestyle that large groups of Americans don`t agree on, gay and lesbian, or more specifically, gay marriage.

It comes from the loudest state in the union, California. Seems thousands and still growing protesters are parading and willing to fight this issue to the bitter end. Because that is what we do when we believe in something here in American. We have that right to speak it, dance it, and draw it, as long as we don`t hurt anybody doing it.

Six months or so ago California did what is now being referred to as a head fake for the folks with an alternative lifestyle; gay marriages in California. West Coast folks did not want to be shown up by Massachusetts as one of the only states that allows gay marriage, so they gave gay folks a taste of the life that us heterosexuals live, you know true freedom.

Well, here we are a few days after elections and 18,000 new gay married couples run the risk of not really being married and possibly having to give back all the wedding presents ta boot.

Now, I won`t spend a lot of time talking about this because I don`t know much about this subject. I only know what all other American`s know and that is that we have the freedom of choice, unless it goes against other American`s freedoms.

My knowledge on this subject is based on working in Musical Theater for 25 years in California, which allowed me to be able to point out protesters in the crowd on TV by first name. It is kind of a given that when you work in an industry that is right brain creative you will have left sided people.

Anyway, I say to you that in the 25 years I spent in theater I can safely say I don`t have any outward signs of leprosy, I am not gay, and I have a world of experience.

Some folks fear and try to fight "Church and State" for the same reason you all fight "State and mate, of the same sex" because it is what you whole heartedly believe and the notion of anything different is not natural and not American.

See, I know I am stepping into the fires of hell and most folks of faith would say that just mentioning this subject means that I might just have lost my place in line . . . up there. But, it is pretty simple, the day our government tells us who we can love and be with for the rest of our lives, is the day we will narrow our choices of everything down to one choice, your soda pop, you health care, your money, your cars, your freedom. Because even though some things in our country are black and white, don`t kill folks, don`t steal, (that is not just a Bible thing) our freedoms come in many shapes colors and sizes.


As much as it is not my lifestyle, I do understand love. And it is tough enough with any sex, let alone to have the added stress of hiding it from the world.

If we are truly Gods children and God loves all, how does passing judgment and damning people we don`t understand work with the first of this sentence; we are truly God`s children and god loves all. Remember the Bible is a book that was written by guys who were not truly there with Jesus; they only interpreted what he said. So, I take the idea of the words and make basic assumptions; be good to others, don`t steal, covet thy neighbor you know, because to deny love and the freedom of folks (Americans) to consummate it, is a little like not allowing a person of another color a right to sit on the same bus as you.

I say to you all, FREEDOM is what this is truly about. Anything less than that is Communism, don`t you think? And as I always say, I am open for discussion and anyone who passes judgment on my comments here, without emailing me opposing thoughts would be guilty of not following the Scriptures.

Jesus declares that the person judging will be judged (v. 1) because judging assumes a divine prerogative; final judgment belongs to God alone, and those who seek to judge others now will answer then for usurping God`s position (see also 6:12-15).

God Will Judge Us the Way We Judge Others (7:1-2)

I won`t go into the legal matters and amount of money this new decision will cost Californians as well as the state of California when this all comes out in the open.

I do have one recommendation for our new President. Folks are counting on you for a change and considering that is about all we have left in our pockets; your first order will be our financial well being.

The second order of business is going to be tending to some of the things that Americans knew they would not be heard in the current administration, mainly because they don`t swing that way. The war, energy and Gay marriage ... this last one right out of the box or the closet is a huge issue with folks in California and our nation.

If you think Barney the president dog has a bite, tell Americans you are coming in on change and leave it the same and see what happens. You are a Democrat, so that means that every cause will come out of the wood work and think you can make it happen.

From the bottom up is not just a slogan it will be where the noise starts if you slip up. But we are with you brother and you could not have a better support system than the American people, when they are on your side.



And the last thing is you have a little over 50% of the country on your side. Now remember whatever you do the other 40 something percent will be waiting for you to fall.

You have us on your side; Yes We Can, we will help you in anyway we can, Yes We Can, now we just need the others to come over, the RepubliCAN`s, Yes We Can!

 I know I will get hate mail for this one. But I want you all to know, my words come from love, do yours? Think before you answer.

Will Roberts
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