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Published:October 5th, 2010 14:07 EST
eddie long

Bishop Eddie Long: The Most Ridiculous Preacher In History?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Columnists and bloggers across the nation have stomped on Bishop Eddie Long with both feet since accusations arose last month the vocally anti-gay Atlanta pastor coerced young males to have sex with him.

eddie long

A proponent of the `prosperity gospel` and known for his lavish lifestyle and strident opposition to same-sex marriage, he`s a juicy target for gay activists and political pundits alike."

Jeff Brumley/

My forte is pop culture, and when I skewer bimbos like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Amy Winehouse, many of their fans jump to the defense of their pop idols.

In the last couple of weeks I`ve written over a dozen articles ridiculing Eddie Long, and I`ve yet to receive a single email from one of his supporters.

Eddie Long is a big fat target, and everyone from bloggers and columnists to comics and regular folks love to take shots at him.

Long is so easy to hate, because he`s the epitome of excess and extravagance. Long doesn`t settle for a normal looking toupee to cover up his bald pate, he has to buy the most ridiculous wigs in the world. The con artist isn`t satisfied with discrete expensive cuff links, he puts on so much bling-bling that even Mr. T shudders when he sees him. The televangelist isn`t content to have one inconspicuous looking bodyguard, he surrounds himself with muscle-bound hulks. The ebony Elmer Gantry isn`t happy with just one luxury car, he has a fleet of expensive vehicles including a Bentley and a Rolls Royce.

Eddie Long does everything to excess, that`s why I`m convinced the disgraced preacher sexually molested more than a dozen young men.

Jeff Brumley is spot on, we love to stomp on Bishop Eddie Long with both feet. Who is going to come to the defense of Long, besides the members of his cult-like church? Hmm, maybe a gay pimp who likes to rock an outlandish wig!

As a very controversial newspaper columnist and blogger, my inbox is often flooded with angry emails. It`s a nice change to get emails of support for blasting Eddie Long.

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