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Published:October 25th, 2010 09:51 EST
Latinos can STOP Ambitious Sharron Angle, if They`ll Vote on November 2nd!

Latinos can STOP Ambitious Sharron Angle, if They`ll Vote on November 2nd!

By John G. Kays

Recently, Hispanics have been characterized as apathetic towards the upcoming midterm election. In Nevada there are 224,000 Latino voters, 30 percent of the population of Nevada, and if they don`t show up on November 2nd, the former Nevada assemblywoman, Sharron Angle will be their next senator. But a series of offensive ads or comments made by Angle may so anger, so outrage Hispanics, that they`ll be motivated enough to block Angle at the door to power.

Sharon Angle Illegal Aliens

I can think of 5 reasons why Hispanics should get mad at Angle and cast their vote in protest. Three of the reasons are offensive ads that are blatant examples of racial profiling, one is a stupid remark made to Latino students, and the 5th reason is Angle`s position on Immigration. Taken together, it would be a catastrophe for Hispanics if Angle gets her way.

A very sneaky ad plays on Hispanics anger that immigration reform was not enacted in the first two years of Obama`s Administration. This ad was produced by Latinos for Reform and directed by Robert de Posada, who represents the miniscule portion of Hispanics included in the Republican Party. By urging Latinos to not vote, the end result will be a victory for Sharron Angle. The text of the ad is this:

This November we need to send a message to all politicians: If they didn`t keep their promise on immigration reform, then they can`t count on our vote "Don`t vote this November. This is the only way to send them a clear message: You can no longer take us for granted. Don`t vote. "

Another ad had to be pulled because of a copyright infringement. This is the Thanks, Pal ad which shows 3 Hispanic males with the words Illegal Aliens plastered across their image. It turns out that this photo, taken by British photographer Chris Floyd, was actually a picture of Mexicans in Mexico. The photo was lifted by Angle`s crew and used to incite racial hatred for Latinos. The men were actually farmers from south Mexico.

The ad At Your Expense plays on Anglo fears of an illegal alien take over, by showing some men sneaking past a fence. Several lies are told about Harry Reid, such as that he would give tax breaks and Social Security benefits to illegal aliens and grant them special college tuition rates. This is a lie, Harry Reid never voted for this or advocated this. Reid does support the Dream Act, which offers a pathway to amnesty for those already residing in the U.S.

Most offensive of all, or perhaps the stupidest words (and there are lots of them) coming out of Sharron Angle`s mouth, were what she said to some Hispanic students at Rancho High School, which is near Las Vegas. Some of you look a little more Asian to me, " Angle said casually, as if this would be reassuring to this group of Latino students. That is, it may be a plus if they appear to be a little bit more Asian. This is clearly a racist slip of the tongue, and I hope it costs Angle the election.

The 5th reason I will cite that should incense Latinos in Nevada, and motivate them to vote, is that Sharron Angle supports Arizona`s controversial SB 1070 law, that allows the police to stop anyone with brown skin to provide proof of citizenship. This law encourages blatant racial profiling, and is certainly a violation of Hispanics` (who are U.S. citizens) civil rights. You talk about unconstitutional! Angle will bring a similar SB 1070 law to Nevada. You can count on it.

Hispanics, if they are angry enough, can STOP Sharron Angle from victory in the Nevada Senate race. Hispanics comprise 30 % of the electorate of Nevada, and they will decide the day on November 2nd. If 2/3 s of them stay home, this nut-case will become an actual senator.

 If, on the other hand, more than ½ vote, they can toss this Tea Party lunatic back to the cave from which she emerged. Please take a close look at all of this bigotry and let`s bounce this demagogue back on the street. It`s up to you!