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Published:October 25th, 2010 13:05 EST

Pastor, 85, Skydives To Celebrate Birthday!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Texas pastor celebrated his 85th birthday by jumping out of a plane, the fifth year in a row he says he`s returned to that item on his personal `bucket list.`

Brushy Creek Baptist Church pastor John Gurley keeps going back partially to show older people `not to die while they`re still alive,` he said. `You can still live life to the fullest.`


Saturday`s jump was from 10,500 feet in tandem with an instructor which he says he will do again at 90 if he feels well enough."


At 85-years-old the pastor should be congratulated every time he gets up in the morning, but the old man`s feat isn`t as impressive as it seems.

The old goat jumped in tandem with an instructor, that means he shared a parachute with the instructor. The old man was merely along for the ride, he doesn`t deserver to be treated like a damn hero.

If he goes through a whole day without soiling his diapers, it will be a more impressive feat that jumping in tandem with an instructor.

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