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Published:November 21st, 2010 13:32 EST
eddie long gay preacher

Gay Bishop Eddie Long To Settle Sexual Abuse Cases?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The first hearing was held in the case of accused Bishop Eddie Long Friday and it appears that the case may be settled out of court. Attorneys for both sides said they want to avoid a trial and will plan on mediation. The mediation date was scheduled for February in 2011.

eddie long gay preacher

Attorney for the four plaintiffs, Jamal Parris, Anthony Flagg, Spencer Legrande and Maurice Robinson, B.J. Bernstein spoke with media after the status hearing and discussed why they agreed to mediation.

B.J. Bernstein said they are ready to move forward with the case"

I may be a free-thinker, but I know more about the Bible than the average evangelical Christian. You don`t have to be a theologian to know that a true prophet of God, or a humble bishop, would never settle out of court for a crime he didn`t commit.

Joseph, the young man with the coat of many colors, would never have declared: I didn`t have sex with Potiphar`s wife, but in the interest of moving forward I will admit that I kissed her a couple of times, and I will accept the appropriate punishment.

The God that Bishop Eddie Long claims to believe in doesn`t settle matters out of court. Unless Long publicly confesses to coercing young boys into a sexual relationship, Jehovah will smite him.

I`m not concerned what a trial deity might do, I care only about what goes on this side of death. Eddie Long has been a pastor for many years, and my guess is that he`s molested many young boys. I hope that these young men will step forward, and take the case to court and not accept a settlement.

I don`t care how Long`s lawyers will spin it, but any court settlement will be an admission of guilt. Any Christian who still supports Long, is a lover of man more than a lover of God.

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