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Published:December 2nd, 2010 11:39 EST
Life of a Four-Week-Old Kitten Saved from Drain

Life of a Four-Week-Old Kitten Saved from Drain

By Ernest Dempsey

The life of a 4-week-old kitten was saved by an engineer after the little lovely creature was flushed down the loo in London, United Kingdom. For the surviving animal, it was a no less than miracle.  


According to The Blue Cross, the one-month-old kitten was flushed down a four-feet-deep basement drain. She kept struggling for her life and crying for help. Luckily, an electrical engineer Bradley Jackson was doing some repair work in the basement of flats next to the drain. He heard the creature and reached to save her.


Bradley rushed the cold and terrified, shivering little life to Victoria Animal Hospital of The Blue Cross where the staff nursed her back to life. Bradley and others wondered at the lucky coincidence of the engineer being there at the very moment when the kitten needed desperate help for her life.


The Blue Cross gave care to the kitten and named her "Flush", after the life-threatening experience. Flush has been adopted by a caring family now. But the question of human neglect and cruelty to animals remains on the scene. We really need organizations like The Blue Cross and caring souls like Bradley Jackson to make life safe on earth.