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Published:December 7th, 2010 16:35 EST
pink snail

Giant Pink Snails Traumatize Citizens Of Miami Beach

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Florida said at least eight of the 45 giant pink snails in Miami Beach for an art event were targeted by vandals, including one thrown into the water.

pink snail

Gloria Porcella, co-owner of Galleria Ca` d`Oro, which is backing Italy`s Cracking Art Group in the project, which involved pink snails made from recycled plastic being placed around town, said nearly every day since the Art Basel festival began Dec. 2 has been marked with reports of more vandalized snails, The Miami Herald reported Tuesday.

One man`s vandal is anther man`s art critic...

Art shouldn`t be held hostage in a stuffy museum, and I applaud Gloria Porcella for making art accessible to the masses. But a giant pink snail in a public place is an affront to good taste, and I can readily understand why these monstrous snails have been punched, tipped over and otherwise vandalized.

It is impossible to walk by a humongous pink snail and not be consumed by a sense of outrage. I would go Medieval on those pink monsters, they make pink flamingos look like the epitome of class and good taste.

The pink snails are scheduled to stay in place until Jan 3, by that time they may all have been destroyed by traumatized citizens.

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