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Published:December 10th, 2010 11:29 EST

Operation Payback is Becoming a Complete Failure

By Inactive Writer

Operation Payback, a protest launching DDoS attacks against all who opposed WikiLeaks, was a noble cause.

paybackNow, it`s nothing more than a group of people in a chatroom with their heads up their respective asses. In fact, the more time I spent in there, the more I realized that it was a Conga line of "hackers" with their heads buried up each others` hindquarters. If you need to know what a DDoS attack is or why I initially supported this cause, refer to the
article I wrote in support of Op Payback yesterday.

Fact: Operation Payback is flooding as we speak. However, that has been the only deviation in their game plan in the past 36 hours. Before that, they were all launching DDoS attacks on, thinking they were being effective. What most of them didn`t realize, due to a gross lack of communication, is that PayPal was blocking their IP addresses and giving them the illusion that their site was down.

So, people began to catch wind of this and cry out for a new target. Trouble is, everyone seemed to have a different idea on who should receive their love next. Here is a small list on all of the targets I heard individuals saying they were DDoSing:

Now, many of these guys had the rhetoric of a military general and the direction of a compass surrounded by hills of lodestone. If they had the mind of a military general, surely they`d know that small groups attacking random targets is ineffective, and if they wanted to replicate the success of MasterCard and Visa, they should reach a consensus on one target.

That never happened.

At one point, I had chat windows of 11 different moderators and admins open, asking them why they weren`t taking control of the operation. After an hour, one responded to me, only to tell me that he, the ONLY administrator of Operation Payback not asleep, was about to go to bed. Got that? The ONLY admin of Op Payback was going to bed. To top it all off and bruise my sack a little worse, he talked around everything I was saying.

Returning to the main room, I saw more of the same: A group of people, once united, now lost like the bored 15 year olds the media portrayed them as.

However, I did get a piece of news from one admin as to why they`re horribly understaffed: They weren`t expecting this kind of turnout. This doesn`t bode well for those claims of "bored 15 year old kids." At MOST, 3,000 people were in the main channel for Op Payback - that`s not exactly an inconceivable number of people to prepare for, irrespective of how quickly they jumped on board. Logic would tell me that since your operation is seen as illegal, you`re going to have people firing attacks at you and making you switch servers - something they have failed at consistently as well. In 12 hours, they had to change the address of their IRC chat server four times. Logic, in the end, would tell you to make more than 10 ADMINS in more than one time zone.

As far as I`m concerned, all that you`re hearing from Operation Payback is pure BS. They are nothing more than an unorganized orgy of Simians trying out hammers and nails for the first time. You see, their Twitter account (which is no more of a director of attacks than their ineffective admins) says "join our IRC channel and have your voice heard." If ANYONE was being heard, PayPal would  have been posting a different blog last night: "WE GOT OWNED."

Alas, that will not and cannot happen - at least at the hands of this Titanic. Yes, I liken this operation to the Titanic - massive and seemingly indestructible at first, but when the hull is weakened by an iceberg of poor communication and the thrill of having "power" over a big company, you know what? It`ll sink faster than an unfortunate Mafia target with concrete shoes in a murky pond.

You see, the thrill of power is nice, but many forget it comes with a responsibility. Operation Payback forgot this almost immediately and as a result, the only thing you`ll be hearing of them in the news is either when one of their misguided leaders puts out another poorly-worded press release, or when they finally claim defeat and scatter like crack dealers hearing a siren.

I still support WikiLeaks and I still support Julian Assange, but I simply can`t support these fools any longer. Why?

In all of this chaos, they seem to have forgotten the ultimate goal: Raise awareness of the stupidity of Internet censorship and the idiocy of Julian Assange being in jail for nothing. Hopefully, when we take our submersibles down to this sunken ship in the next week, we`ll be able to feel some air of what it was for in the first place - because all I feel now is utter embarrassment.

Note: The author of this article is no longer affiliated with theSOP.