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Published:December 13th, 2010 16:11 EST
Give Polar Bears a Home for the Holidays

Give Polar Bears a Home for the Holidays

By SOP newswire2

Our polar bears are pretty tough. They are uniquely adapted to one of America`s most unforgiving climates and can travel thousands of miles each year in their quest for food.

But even these mighty Arctic hunters may not be strong enough to survive the dual threat of climate change and habitat loss " which scientists say could push America`s polar bears to extinction in just 40 years.

Our polar bears are running out of time. Please urge President Obama to protect polar bear habitat and stop devastating drilling in the places they need to hunt and rear their young.

Year after year, Big Oil continues its campaign for destructive drilling in vital polar bear habitat.

Oil companies like Exxon are fighting for access to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge " the most important onshore denning habitat for our nation`s polar bears. Royal Dutch Shell and other oil and gas conglomerates are champing at the bit to begin risky offshore drilling operations in the waters where our polar bears find the food they need to survive.

But Big Oil`s plans could come at a terrible cost to our already-threatened polar bears.

The noise and disruptions caused by drilling in the Arctic Refuge could cause polar bear mothers to abandon their cubs to die. And offshore drilling in the Chukchi Sea risks a cataclysmic oil spill from which these bears may be unable to recover.

Help protect polar bears from Big Oil. Urge President Obama to secure vital habitat for these iconic sea bears.

We need to send a strong message to the Obama administration. Help us send 45,000 messages to President Obama by this Friday (December 17th).

There IS reason for hope.
Last month, the Obama administration designated 187,157 square miles of Alaskan seas and lands as critical habitat for polar bears " a vital step in ensuring the survival of America`s remaining polar bears.

However, many in the new Congress are still pushing for drilling in the Arctic Refuge, and even some in the Obama administration are working to fast-track drilling by Royal Dutch Shell and others in the Chukchi Sea, where our polar bears hunt to survive.

We need to make our voices heard today! Please take action now to protect polar bears and give these beloved animals new hope for the new year.

For the Wild Ones,

Rodger Schlickeisen