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Published:December 13th, 2010 14:53 EST
Tis` the Season to Watch NFL Football Games from the Comfort of Your Easy Chair

Tis` the Season to Watch NFL Football Games from the Comfort of Your Easy Chair

By Ron G Anselm

NFL fans are probably some of the greatest and most fun people to be around late in the season when teams are battling for the Playoffs and Wild Card spots. Yes, the NFL gets more exciting each week as the end of the season nears which is around the holidays but is it really worth going to watch a game in person with the rise in NFL ticket prices?

Over the last couple of years, NFL ticket prices have risen in price an average 4.5 percent over recent years in general and some more popular NFL teams have raised their ticket prices on average 8.0 to 26.0 percent. This of course is a no brainer to figure out the reason behind the increase in pricing because of the bad economy most people can`t afford to go to watch NFL games in person anymore, so the team loses money.

The NFL as with professional sports in general is just like any other business. When the customers stop buying that companies product the company`s revenue decreases, the budget is not met, and downsizing starts. In professional sports, there is no such thing as downsizing, you can`t layoff professional athletes but in order to maintain the team which is an entity in itself there has to be other venues looked at to make up the lost revenue to be able to sustain operations.

The difference between professional sports and a regular company is there is a demand for professional sports. Most people are going to continue going to NFL games despite economic conditions because they are true fans of the game. I know; I have been avid fan of sports since before I was able to put one foot in front of the other and take my first baby steps, so needless to say throughout the years I have been a part of sports no matter what or how broke I was.

And most people don`t realize but big named players like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Eli Manning and a boatload of others are the face of the NFL. They are what sell tickets for home and away games, the fan pays the high prices of NFL tickets just because one of these guys are starting that game. That`s why most players don`t end up trying to bash one of these guys by helmet to helmet contact when they sack them because there would be hefty fines and suspensions for doing so. These guys are who make the NFL money.

In a regular company when the revenue and budget is not met upper management just cuts heads and lays off workers. So, in sports knowing no matter what that the fan will still attend games the management of that team has to basically raise ticket prices to compensate for lost revenue.

Now, I said most people are going to attend NFL games despite high ticket prices, not all. So, what happens is, just like any business you want to sell has much of your product as you can, this is how you make money. The product in the NFL and sports is seats. The more fans that attend games in person and fill stadium seats of course the more money the team makes. So, yes with the bad economy not all teams have sold out home games, so there has to be ways to make back that lost revenue and with more of the demand for sports the tickets end up being the product that incurs a price increase. What you have is basically more fans attending games and paying high ticket prices versus the other fans that can`t afford the ticket prices and don`t attend games in person. There are basically more fans than not that will pay the high ticket prices and the NFL knows this.

It would be great if players could take a pay cut like us regular workers have done in our jobs but with agents and contracts signed and most of these more popular players that sell tickets for the NFL by just starting that night basically have the NFL by the nuts " and can write their own ticket when it comes to contracts and money would never hear of such a thing.

You also have the better teams like the New Orleans Saints who won the Super Bowl last year, the Jets are starting to play better football this year, the Patriots look like they will go all the way and other teams that have been a fan favorite for many years like the Cowboys, Raiders, and others that their hard core fans that have followed them for years will still go to games and buy tickets, so some teams take advantage of that and also raise ticket prices knowing they have a good fan base that supports their team. 

It may almost sound criminal but it is not, it`s just business and any business no matter what industry they are in is in business to make money. Of course the fans who are the ones that keep each team in business and food on each players table can boycott games because of high ticket prices but that probably would not happen.

There is another way to enjoy the games the rest of this season, stay home and sit back in that big lounge chair your family bought you last Christmas, kick back, grab a nice cold one and watch the NFL from the comforts of your easy chair as Limpy your three-legged dog sits by your feet and your fireplace lights up the room with a candle glow and the light reflects off your Christmas stockings that were hung by the fireplace the night before with care and just chill and enjoy the games.

This is free and you can get the use out of that fifty-six inch plasma television set you decided to buy to watch the games on in the first place. This way you can avoid the Christmas shopper`s traffic that fills the streets this time of year like water rushing through a pipe and stay warm with Limpy snuggling against your feet.

So, no matter what as a fan of the game you can still watch your favorite team battle it out on the Gridiron in one way or another. Either fans need to sit on Santa`s lap this season and wish for cheaper NFL ticket prices or fans need to just stay home and watch the games because in my opinion it is not worth paying high ticket prices to attend games when you can watch most games on television.