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Published:December 14th, 2010 14:23 EST
bradley manning

Berkeley To Vote On Naming WikiLeaks Source Bradley Manning A Hero

By Robert Paul Reyes

"To some, Army Pfc. Bradley Manning is nothing more than a traitor who`s put lives at risk around the world. To others, he`s a hero who revealed atrocities the U.S. military wanted to hide.


Tuesday night, the City Council in the anti-war enclave of Berkeley, California, is expected lend its voice to the debate.
The council is scheduled to consider a resolution that would call Manning a hero for allegedly leaking documents detailing U.S. activities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Manning is jailed by the Army on accusations that he leaked a video of a U.S. rocket strike in Iraq that killed several civilians. He is also implicated in the release of documents detailing U.S. military action in Afghanistan. The website WikiLeaks posted the video and documents."


The Afghanistan war is an illegal, immoral and criminal enterprise, and we should heed diplomat Richard Holbrooke`s dying words and stop this war now.

Army Pfc Bradley Manning is a hero for revealing the atrocities being committed in the name of fighting terrorism and spreading democracy.

Manning is a hero for exposing the hypocrisy of state department employees and Obama administration officials who publicly declare that we are making progress in Afghanistan, but privately bemoan the hopelessness of the situation.

Wake up America, our sons and daughters are dying in vain. I hope Berkeley passes the resolution lauding Manning as a hero. We must all do what we can to end this awful war.

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