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Published:January 8th, 2011 11:39 EST

Dead Fish, Dead Birds: Taste Of Horrors That Will Be Unleashed In 2012?

By Robert Paul Reyes

The new year was ushered in with the usual revelry and celebrations all over the world. As I watched the crystal ball descend in Times Square I wondered what good things lay in store for me in 2011.


The next day all my optimism quickly dissipated as I read about the thousands of dead birds falling from the sky in Beebe Arkansas. The next day 100,000 dead fish were discovered in the Arkansas River, and almost every day since there has been another episode of dead fish or dead birds.

This disturbing phenomena has born-again Christians dreaming apocalyptic nightmares, and New Agers wondering if these strange happenings are the birth pangs of the Earth and its inhabitants undergoing a physical and spiritual transformation.

Even secular and rational individuals are pondering if we are living in the End Times.

I believe that the mass deaths of fish and births may be just a taste of the horrors that will be unleashed in 2012. For those of you who have been living in a cave the last few years the Mayan Long Count calendar predicts that cataclysmic events will occur on December 21, 2012. Some people think that the world will be destroyed on December 21, others are of the opinion that the world will be transformed, but not necessarily destroyed.

If you think folks are overreacting to the dead birds, just wait until 2012. Every calamity and weird phenomena, that happens in 2012, will be interpreted in light of the Maya prophecies.

When the dead birds dropped from the sky in Beebe Arkansas, scientists and the talking heads on TV at first claimed that the hapless birds were disoriented and discombobulated by fireworks. Americans didn`t fall for that lame explanation, and the scientists and government authorities quickly dropped that theory.

On 2012 when horrible things start happening, if government officials offer patently absurd explanations, the people will lose all faith in the government, and we might see panic and riots.

I`m not going to encourage anyone to convert their currency to gold, stock up on canned foods and bottled water, but I will counsel folks to keep informed and alert in the next few months.

The world may or may not end on 2012, but there`s no disputing the fact that we are in for some rough times.

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