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Published:January 27th, 2011 22:02 EST
East Village Radio to Launch EVR Records with a New Single from the UK band, Swimming

East Village Radio to Launch EVR Records with a New Single from the UK band, Swimming

By SOP newswire2

East Village Radio (EVR), New York`s premier Internet radio platform, is launching a Single of the Month Club " EVR Records - on March 7th, with a 7 " release from the UK band, Swimming.
Each month EVR Records will release one single on 7 " vinyl and digital formats from an artist hand selected by a different EVR DJ. Artists will mirror the broad range of musical genres heard around the world on East Village Radio. The Tummy Touch Music Group will handle global administration and distribution of the monthly releases.
Peter Ferraro, General Manger of EVR: EVR DJ`s are regularly breaking new acts via their radio shows and have so much passion about the music they play during their two-hour weekly shows, we wanted to give them an opportunity to help the acts they love and to A&R their own releases. A lot of what is played on EVR is hot off the press, unsigned material and we are excited to help these artists with their first steps in the music industry. "
Tim Love " Lee, A&R Director of the Tummy Touch Music Group: I`ve been working with EVR since the very early days and have seen the brand go from strength to strength. I have always been impressed with the way the station`s DJs are constantly discovering and championing new talent "
As befits their name, Swimming are a fluid proposition. Their songs flow gracefully from genre to genre, grunge lapping the shores of ambient, shoegaze seeping into glam, post-punk merging with post-rock, and so on, until all you`re left with is a sound that is uniquely Swimming`s.
Theirs is music that takes risks, that experiments with tones and textures, but that never forgets the importance of melodic concision, the essence of pop. No wonder their new single is being released by Tummy Touch, the label that brought the world musicians as varied as Groove Armada and Tom Vek, who recognize the equal value of artistry and accessibility. And no wonder the single is being issued on East Village Radio (EVR) Records.
The single to be released March 7, Sun in the Island, is the first single from Nottingham five piece`s forthcoming album provisionally titled Ecstatics International
The track is a glorious psych- pop song which folds vintage synths and textured beats into John`s ethereal falsetto vocals, and explodes into a kaleidoscopic blast, with a truly anthemic chorus of saturated guitars and soaring melodies.
B-Side, Team Jetstream (Pre Flight Mix) is an equally exhilarating affair - rich and elegantly soulful yet pulsating with rumbling D`n`B rhythms.
Swimming are singer John Sampson, his brother Peter Sampson and three old friends (Andrew Wright, Jonthathon Spittlehouse, Blake Pearson), brought together by a love of electronic music and sonic exploration that has turned Swimming into a unique prospect in 2011 - a band with loud guitars, floating synths and a genuine talent for writing great songs.