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Published:January 30th, 2011 00:52 EST
miley cyrus

Poll: Young Girls Vote Miley Cyrus Worst Celebrity In The World

By Robert Paul Reyes

Billy Ray Cyrus is a country music singer, songwriter and actor - he is anathema to true country music fans. Billy`s hit song "Achy Beaky Heart", his mullet and his penchant for line dancing turned away a generation from country music.


Cyrus is despised not only by country music fans, but by every red-blooded American. When Cyrus` star started to dim in the late 90`s, I comforted myself with the thought that nobody would ever again corrupt pop culture to the same extent as the monster from Flatwoods, Kentucky.

I was wrong, dear God in heaven, I was wrong!

"AOL`s Just So You Know website has named Miley Cyrus the worst celebrity influence for the second year in a row! She ended up with 58% of the 99,000 votes. The website has a target audience of kids age 9-15 and these were the people who were voting for Miley. Even kids realize she`s a bad influence on them!" Read More
Billy`s sinister and malevolent legacy lives on in his daughter, Miley Cyrus. Billy sired a daughter who is corrupting young girls. I refrained from criticizing Miley when she was underage, but she`s an adult now, and I will no longer hold back.

Miley`s hit Disney program, "Hannah Montana", was the epitome of sweetness and innocence, but Miley has buried her Hanna Montana persona. The new Miley Cyrus is the antithesis of her alter ego; she`s trashy, skanky and a threat to the younger generation.

Miley was voted the worse celebrity influence on young kids, not by a PTA organization or a religious group, but by young kids themselves. The results of this poll give me hope for today`s children.

When young female celebs turn into adults they feel compelled to demonstrate that they are young women by going the Lindsay Lohan route. Dressing like a skank, and breaking the law isn`t a sign of maturity, but ignorance and immaturity.

Miley have you considered proving that you are an adult by writing intelligent, and introspective songs?

Wake up girlfriend, you don`t want to walk down that Lindsay Lohan road, it leads to perdition.

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