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Published:February 2nd, 2011 20:16 EST
Basketball 3:16: When You`re Open to Be Freed, God Allows You to Receive

Basketball 3:16: When You`re Open to Be Freed, God Allows You to Receive

By Mimi Amaral

This uplifting spiritually based movie is filmed on the streets of Oakland, California. The script, inspired by the writer`s life, was written by Pharoah Charles Powell and directed by Ramasses Head.  
Basketball 3:16 elicits faith, evokes the belief that God can find you anywhere, and advocates that change occurs when you least expect it; even on a basketball court.

Basketball 3:16 PosterBasketball 3:16 is an Urban Christian Drama that follows Kevin `K Money` Warren`s release from prison to his embrace of life through God`s word and faith. 

Jamesha Warren, K Money`s sister: played by Ronique Marshall, becomes concerned about her brother and encourages him to embrace the lord through church and prayer. 

Big Spence: hand on chin

K Money, mistrusting others and knowing only street life, is rigidly skeptical of the idea until he`s introduced to the God Father of the streets Calvin Nichols: played by Pharoah Charles Powell. 

Calvin, who also struggled on the streets but turned his life around, shares his journey to enlightenment in hopes to spark curiosity in K Money and show him that he too can make the change.

This film features many up and coming actors.  The lead character Kevin `K Money` Warren is played by: Big Spence who has been crowned Be that `Kid` celebrity of the Year 2010.

Big Spence also recently finished two feature films; the first being `Moneyball` with Brad Pitt and the second `On the Road` featuring Kristen Stewart from the Twilight series. 

Big Spence (K Money) was excited when he was approached to be the lead in this film because of the positive message: It`s great to see such a positive message that`s real to life, and it`s refreshing to know that one no longer has to bring "Hollywood to Oakland because it`s already here."  Other actors supporting this film are: Brian Hooks who plays Derrion Nichols, he`s known for the film "3 Strikes;" Lakia Bailey who plays Kiana Smith, she`s known for the reality show Real "Chance of Love;" Wight Out who plays a group member, he was crowned `Bay Area` comedian of 2010; Ronique Marshall who plays Jamesha Warren, she`s known for the reality show `The Way It Is;` Jo`nez Cain who plays Constance Thomas, she`s known for Discovery Channels new show "Cuff me if You Can;" and Pharoah Charles Powel who plays Calvin Nichols.

Basketball 3:16 is set to be released on DVD spring of 2011. To follow the progress of this film or to leave a comment for the writer, director, or a cast member feel free to visit the facebook site at: This movie shows that life is not about judging a book by its cover, nor is it about our numerical age but rather about
having faith, patients, and realizing everything is possible in God`s time and not our own.