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Published:April 8th, 2011 00:55 EST

Fox News Fires Glenn Beck! Now Beck Really Has Something To Cry About!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Glenn Beck`s show will end its short-lived run on The Fox News Channel later this year.

Most conservative Web sites claim that Beck quit of his own accord to explore other opportunities. Yeah, right! Like what, organizing a search party to get in touch with the Mother Ship behind the moon?


Most liberal Web sites state that Glenn Beck was kicked to the curb by Fox because his show has sunk in the ratings and advertisers didn`t want anything to do with him.

Beck was a hit with tea party kooks, the black helicopter crowd, and women who are enamored of lunatics who look like choir boy angels.

Beck`s show was destined to fail, he appeals to a niche audience, and you can find most of them in mental asylums.

The Fox News network is all about spreading the conservative Gospel, but Rupert Murdoch`s network also wants to make a buck, and Beck was anathema to the advertisers who pay the bills.

God luck with your future endeavors Beck, your fans might enjoy joining you in an expedition to find the FEMA death camps.

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