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Published:April 21st, 2011 21:36 EST
Uncle Chestnut's Table Gype: A Board Game Inspired By the Works of G.K. Chesterton

Uncle Chestnut's Table Gype: A Board Game Inspired By the Works of G.K. Chesterton

By SOP newswire2

Uncle Chestnut`s Table Gype, a board game inspired by the works of writer G.K. Chesterton, has been honored with the title of Mensa Select game by American Mensa, the high IQ society. Only five games receive the honor from Mensa each year for being "original, challenging and well designed."

Uncle Chestnut`s Table Gype was designed by brothers Paul and Christopher Nowak of Greenville, MI. In the game, players move their pieces across the board, similar to Chinese Checkers. However, each playing piece is a six-sided die which can represent any of 6 "mysterious and significant shapes" that each move differently. The pieces are rolled whenever another piece jumps over them, resulting in an unpredictable element uncommon in abstract strategy games.

"The game is full of references to Chesterton," explained Paul Nowak, a homeschooling father who also wrote a children`s book on G.K. Chesterton entitled The Inconvenient Adventures of Uncle Chestnut. "The pieces are all references to his work, the board and the rules have game-related Chesterton quotes displayed - the entire game could be considered a tribute. We`re pleased to have done it without making it a dry trivia game or a roll-and-move board game that grows stale over time. It`s as unique as the man who inspired it."

The influence of Chesterton extends beyond the game itself. At a time when most board games and toys are made in China, the Nowaks still make their game by hand, using domestic suppliers. They call their philosophy Microcapitalism, based on Chesterton`s Distributism, in which as many people as possible own the means of production upon which they make a living.

Table Gype is a board game inspired by the game of Gype created by writers G.K. Chesterton and H.G. Wells. According to Chesterton`s Autobiography, many variations of the game were created, including Table Gype, but the game was never invented.

G.K. Chesterton was an early 20th Century journalist and author. He is credited with influencing C.S. Lewis` conversion to Chrisitanity, and inspiring the writings of J.R.R Tolkien and J.K. Rowling, among many others.

Uncle Chestnut`s Table Gype is available directly from Eternal Revolution at

SOURCE:  Christian Newswire