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Published:May 17th, 2011 07:43 EST
Syria Keeps Inching its Way to Being a Liability to Israel and Middle East

Syria Keeps Inching its Way to Being a Liability to Israel and Middle East

By Ron G Anselm

The hits just keep on coming in the Middle-East from when the protests in that region of the world started back earlier this year to now involving Syria who has been in the realm of protests for a couple of month now. The protests Started in Egypt earlier this year and ousted that countries leadership and then spread like melted butter over hot toast throughout the region that involved the main Middle-Eastern countries including Iran and now is hot and heavy in Syria.

The border between Israel and Syria which was as quiet as a moon lit night in the Alaskan wilderness suddenly turned to a Fourth of July fireworks shows when Israeli solders fired on people that decided to storm the border ending up killing four of them.

Technically, Syria and Israel who are still at war and have been for thirty-seven years or more almost squared off once again like two heavy weight fighters in the middle of the ring. Both Syria and Israel pointed fingers at one another blaming each other for the violence on Sunday.

The most important point that was portrayed by Syria and Basher Al-Assad the President of Syria to the world and the Middle-East is he will do anything to stay in power even go to war if he has to. This is not a good message for us or the world. The region is still completely unstable and anything and everything can happen at this point. With the protests still looming over the entire region and with the chance of the possibility of more protest in other countries in the region that could spark up like wild fire most the Middle-Eastern leadership is on edge. The only good thing that happened lately is Bin-Laden was taken out of the picture.


In a statement by Raden Ziadeh who is a Syria dissentent and a visiting scholar at George Washington University said, It`s a message by the Syrian government for Israel and the international community: If you continue the pressure on us, we will ignite the front with Israel, " (NY Times, 2011)

My opinion of this remark is that is was unacceptable to even say. It relays sort of a message put in a roundabout way that Syria will go to war with Israel and even anyone else that they may see is a possible threat to ousting out their president. Remarks like this need to be watched and thought about before the jaw jacking starts!

Our country certainly does not need to once again get involved in another Middle-Eastern conflict if we do you might as-well start to recruit thousands of new recruits into the five services because our military is burned out and needs to come home not get sent to another deployment to fight a war we did not ask for.

The region is as combustible as pouring gasoline on an open fire. The one thing that may be good is the Syrian military is so spread out over the region policing the protests that it could not fight a battle very skillfully at this point but like any military unit it can be quickly assembled and deployed anywhere in a very short amount of time and with a more aggressive response by Israel to the violence or other this could quickly become the case.

Protesters decided to add lip service to the unrest and chanted to Assads brother who is the commander of the Republican Guard and Fourth Division and has taken the lead in the operations in various cities against the protestors, they yelled, Oh, Maher, you coward, send your army to the Golan, " (NY, 2011)

The idea of war against Israel hasn`t even been part of Syria`s mindset for a long time, " said Louay Hussein, a prominent dissident who met with an adviser to Mr. Assad last week in what the government has called the beginning of a dialogue. The Syrian government doesn`t have a strategy. Its political performance is based on improvisation. " (NY Times. Com, 2011)

This statement almost sounds dangerous. A country with leadership that act on an impromptu basis when it comes to military operations is more dangerous than a country that plans out its next move strategically.

Even relations with near by Turkey with Syria have soured and sent more unrest in that area. And the United States and Europe have imposed sanctions on Syria which is normally the first step in another possible conflict for us to get into. Which again, we do not need to!

Rami Makhlouf, Syria`s most powerful businessman and a confidant and childhood friend of Mr. Assad, warned the international community against imposing pressure on the Syrian government.

He stated in an interview on Sunday To have stability in Syria is the most important thing for the stability of the neighbors, Which neighbors? Israel. " (NY, 2011)

As one of Obama`s administration officials put it, It`s going to be messy, " an Obama administration official said of the government`s determination to survive. He`s going to hang on for dear life. " (NY, 2011) referring to Basher Al-Assad.


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