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Published:June 13th, 2011 10:53 EST

Heroic Homeowners Run Over Burglar With Their Car!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"In what sheriff`s deputies are calling an act of self-defense, two Tennessee homeowners ran their vehicle into one of three burglars they startled when they returned home early this morning.

Michael Harris and Sally Michello were greeted by gunfire from one of the trio of intruders when they arrived at their home in Rutherford County, just south of Nashville, according to Sheriff`s Department spokeswoman Lisa Marchesoni.


The burglars fled after one of them was struck by the car. No one was injured by the gunfire, but bullets did strike the door frame of the couple`s vehicle, said Criminal Investigations Division Commander Preble Acton."


Do we really need a police spokesperson to explain that the homeowners acted in self-defense? When a couple is greeted by gunfire from intruders when they arrive home, the only way they can defend themselves is by running over the criminals.

Harris and Michello demonstrated remarkable restraint; I would have run over the burglar, reversed and run over him again and again until nothing remained but a greasy lump of flesh.

The Rutherford County deputies are politically-correct morons, instead of taking pains to explain that the couple acted in self-defense, they should have publicly commended them.

At least the idiot cops didn`t arrest the homeowners and confiscate their dangerous and illegal weapon. (their car.)

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