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Published:September 19th, 2011 10:38 EST

South Africa Rejects Chinese Condoms: Too Small!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A South African court has blocked the government from buying 11 million Chinese condoms, saying they are too small, a newspaper reported Friday.

Judge Sulet Potterill blocked the deal with Siqamba, ruling that the condoms were too small, made from the wrong material, and were not approved by the World Health Organisation, the paper said.


South Africa has more HIV infections than any country in the world, with 5.38 million of its 50 million people carrying the virus."

I`d rather be kicked in my family jewels than encase my manhood in a condom made in China. Rubbers manufactured in China are probably lined with lead, and as porous as a sieve.

Chinese products, whether they be prophylactics or dolls, are inferior and less safe than American products. Trojan Condoms are America`s #1 condom brand, and most of them are still made in the good old USA. Buy American, which means stay the hell out of Walmart.

Chinese condoms are rejected by South Africa because they are too small -- this story was custom made for a wiseguy like me. Unfortunately, I am rendered mute, I don`t want to make any jokes that play to the stereotypes about the male anatomy of Asians and African Americans.

Moral of this story: Play safe! Buy American! Don`t make racist jokes!

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