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Published:October 2nd, 2011 10:49 EST

Outrage: City Officials Force Artist To Paint Over Beaver In A Mural

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Officials in Martinez, Calif., ordered an artist to paint over the image of a beaver he included in the mural he was commissioned to create for the city.

Martinez officials said they had artist Mario Alfaro paint over the beaver because the animal, while beloved by city residents, does not belong on the downtown mural alongside images of Martinez natives including John Muir and Joe DiMaggio."



A true artist doesn`t think in a linear fashion, and he doesn`t see randomness as an aberration, but as a constant in life. In Afaro`s artistic vision including a beaver alongside images representing the city of Martinez makes perfect sense.

Most of the residents of Martinez loved the beaver, and it`s a damn shame that the visionary was forced to paint over the beloved animal, because a few philistines complained.

Alfaro was so upset by the city`s ridiculous request that he painted over his name as well.

In a world teeming with rats, snakes, and politicians, we need more, not less beavers.

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Oops! It turns out the pic I originally posted was of a nutria, not a beaver. How embarrassing, like every guy, I thought I knew what a beaver looked like. Thanks to Heidi Perryman for pointing out my mistake.