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Published:October 29th, 2011 17:20 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews New York Times Writer/Reporter Nick Bilton

Judyth Piazza interviews New York Times Writer/Reporter Nick Bilton

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Nick Bilton is the Lead Technology Writer/Reporter for The New York Times Bits Blog. He has a background in user interface, journalism, hardware hacking, research, data visualization, etc. etc.

Nick is currently working on a new book title I Live in the Future: & Here`s How It Works The book will explore the effects our bite sized culture is having on our brains - looking at key research taking place in neuroscience and memory labs around the world. He will also explore the new narrative that is being formed at unabridged speeds around us, and when we look 2 to 20 year out, how it will effect our culture, work and brains.

Nick has worked in numerous different industries within the context of design, research & development, technology and storytelling. He is currently the Design Integration Editor for The New York Times and the User Interface Specialist & Researcher for The New York Times Research & Development Lab working on a variety of research projects and exploring technologies that could become common place in the next 2-10 years. His work in the R&D Labs includes exploring and prototyping content and interaction on futuristic flexible digital displays, a vast array of mobile applications and devices,Times Reader 2.0 , Print-to-mobile SMS, Semacode integration, data visualization, content in the living room and context aware sensors. Nick is also the co-founder, with Michael Young, of, a startup within The New York Times that helps people shift content easily between multiple devices.

Outside of The Times, Nick helped co-found NYC Resistor, a hacker space in Brooklyn which offers hardware and programming classes and allows people to collectively work on innovative open source hardware and robotics projects. Nick also is also an Adjunct Professor at NYU / ITP teaching a class called 1, 2, 10, & `Sensors As Reporters`.

Prior to working at The Times, Nick worked in the film industry with Mirimax Films and the advertising & branding industry as a Creative Director... and although he is not proud of it, he designed the first Br(i)tney Spears doll.

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