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Published:December 2nd, 2011 17:30 EST
Philip Kapneck Followed By Members of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerces In Small Business Matters

Philip Kapneck Followed By Members of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerces In Small Business Matters

By SOP newswire2

Some members of the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce would like Maryland Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck to hold a class to discuss his formula for assisting small business. The trigger for this request is the current tight economic times. The members are looking for ways to help businesses achieve their financial goals.

Philip Kapneck has a great business knowledge and background. It is thought that he would be able to direct small business in new ways of marketing their products and creating new economic opportunities.

One item in the "Kapneck Business Formula" that has proven itself, is to set up a network with other related companies that will expand each other's business.

It's clear that Ambassador Philip Kapneck believes small business is the foundation of a growing economy. The Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce's members know that if they are able to completely implement the Kapneck formula, it will create jobs, as has been demonstrated many times.

Almost three months ago, Ambassador Kapneck attended the annual Embassy Night, hosted by The World Trade Center Institute, the State of Maryland and Legg Mason. The successful event was held at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC.

Embassy Night 2011 showcased global markets and business successes. 300 VIP attendees represented 30 nations. More than 30 countries were honored, as were many global business platinum and premiere representatives who attended.

Representing Maryland, Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck was there, with Robert L. Walker, Secretary for Business and Enterprise Development, and Ms. Signe Pringle, Program Director for the Office of International Investments and Trade for DBED.