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Published:December 31st, 2011 13:34 EST

Swedish Woman Finds Her Lost Wedding Ring After 16 Years

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Swedish woman (Lena Pahlsson) says she found her wedding ring -- missing since 1995 -- wrapped around a carrot she pulled out of the family vegetable patch.

Ola (her husband) said he thinks the ring may have ended up in the family`s compostable food bin, which would have been spread over the vegetable patch. Another theory involves the family`s sheep, which is sometimes fed kitchen scraps."



This story is heartwarming and inspiring because the couple is still married after all these years. If Lena were divorced, the only thought on her mind when she found the long-lost ring would have been, "how much money can I get for this thing."

The Kardashian bimbo who got divorced after only a few weeks, and Katy Perry who is dumping her husband after only a few months get all the attention, but there are many couples who take their marriage vows seriously.

Lena`s ring will have to be re-sized, because in the last few years her finger has grown larger. Let`s hope that the love that these lovebirds share has also grown larger.

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