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Published:May 1st, 2012 18:09 EST
A Nazi Bell That Could Fly or a UFO?

A Nazi Bell That Could Fly or a UFO?

By Sean Stubblefield

There is some innate supernatural quality about Nazis that make them remarkably suited avatars for projecting paranormal speculation. Many fictions and urban legends have sprung forth, imagining Nazis engaged in a variety of mysterious and fantastical dabblings that extend into the realm of tabloid sensationalism. Nazis are commonly inserted as villains and adversaries in power quest stories "especially the esoteric kind, because they are so readily compatible.

Adolf Hitler was apparently such a power crazed maniac; he reportedly sought to acquire an arsenal of paranormal objects of power.

His incredible (or incredulous) rise to power, and the enchanted mind control he wielded over a nation, suggests he may have had actually access to some mystical source, or totem or Faustian deal.

Allegedly, commanded by Hitler`s interest in the paranormal, Nazis have searched for such things as The Holy Grail, Crucifixion Cross, Spear of Destiny, Ark of the Covenant, Fountain of Youth, dimensional gateways, Lovecraftian elder gods, and Occult secrets found in Egyptology, Tarot and Zodiac.

Suggested by amateur archeologist and author Zecharia Sitchin, who proposed an explanation for human origins involving ancient astronauts, Hitler`s eugenics and social engineering programs for an Aryan race were inspired by a Nordic variation of the Anunnaki god-aliens, called Aryans, that existed in that area of Europe several centuries ago. Derived from ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Mayan culture and mythology, Sitchin attributes the creation of humanity as we know it to the Anunnaki; which he states was a race of extra-terrestrials who genetically engineered humans. To Hitler, these Aryans represented godhood, and were his model for the perfection of our species.

There is even a rumor that Nazis were involved in a secret weapons program responsible for creating UFOs " the source of flying saucers and the Foo Fighters many World War II pilots and astronauts claim to have encountered. Developing a Vertical Take Off and Landing craft as a Nazi weapon was declared a priority. Looking for the most sophisticated weaponry in his quest for absolute power, Hitler used the best scientists, engineers and military experts at his disposal.

With "The Hunt for Zero Point," Nick Cook`s book brought notoriety to The Bell, which was first revealed by Igor Witkowski in his book "The Truth About The Wunderwaffe".

Witkowski, a Polish journalist and historian of military and aerospace technology, had somehow gained access to classified German research documents for the ultr-secret Die Glocke.

This enigmatic machine was an advanced propulsion device based on German research in either Quantum Mechanics or Einstein`s Unified Field theory, depending on whom you asked.

The rumored result was Die Glocke, or The Bell-- a Nazi made aircraft that is said to have used antigravity propulsion, utilizing zero point or free energy as a power source. Some people even believed it to have harnessed the power of time/space manipulation. Maybe the Nazis even got help from aliens either directly or by reverse engineering found technology.

Furthermore, the rumor states that when the Nazi regime fell under Allied forces, Americans discovered the plans for The Bell and, using them as a guide, initiated their own research and development into designing UFOs.

*While I am willing to believe that Nazis were developing UFO type aircraft, and that America began their own program based on their design, I do not accept that this is the source of the Roswell and Greys mythology. Too much contradictory evidence exists supporting actual alien visitation, with actual alien aircraft. Manmade UFOs may account for some of the UFO sightings, but not nearly all.

Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons