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Published:June 2nd, 2012 14:39 EST
Bill Keller Decries Christian Leaders Placing Politics above the Soul

Bill Keller Decries Christian Leaders Placing Politics above the Soul

By SOP newswire

Bill Keller, the world`s leading Internet Evangelist and the founder of, with over 2.4 million subscribers worldwide reading the daily devotional he has written every morning for 13 years on the issues of the day from a Biblical worldview, says that most of today`s Christian leaders are no different than the religious leaders who put Jesus to death as they put politics, wealth, and power over the eternal souls of men. 

Keller said, "It is sickening to see these so-called `Christian leaders` like Tony Perkins, Mark DeMoss, those at Liberty University, Jay Sekulow, James Dobson, and an endless stream of other high profile men and women of God supporting a 5th generation High Priest of a Satanic cult that leads souls to hell with `another Gospel!` A first semester Bible college student knows that in spite of lying that they are Christians, what Mormon`s believe makes them no more a Christian than a Muslim is. The problems in this nation are not political, they are spiritual, and supporting a high priest in a satanic cult that leads souls to hell for is no different than supporting a Satan worshipper." 

Keller went on, "Romney`s Mormon cult has been gearing up for him to fulfill Mormon prophecy for several years now, and if he is elected President, it will give his cult the mainstream acceptance they have always desired even though their theology is 100% inconsistent with Biblical Christianity. With the better percentage of two full generations who have never even been to church, conservative estimates are that the Mormon cult will add 1 million new converts without Romney ever having to say word. The critical importance of that for a Christian is that the Bible teaches those who believe `another Gospel` will die and their souls burn in hell for all eternity." 

Keller continued, "I find it strange that people who denounced `Christians` for voting for President Obama, and correctly so since he has proven to be the most pro-death, pro- homosexual, friend of the enemies of Israel, opposing God on every spiritual issue of the day, justify voting for a 5th generation high priest in a Satanic cult that will help lead untold numbers of souls to hell." 

Keller recently launched a sister website,, that encourages people to sign up and commit to write in the name of Jesus for President this November. Since its inception just 2 weeks ago, over 52,000 have signed up to vote write in JESUS for President this November. In an exclusive interview with the Christian Post, he said, "A Christian is faced with a difficult dilemma this November. It is literally Satan flipping a two-headed coin with his head on both sides. Let me remind people that the lesser of two evils is still evil." 

In a special 
YouTube video, Keller`s believes that this is a real opportunity for Christians to take a stand for their faith while saying NO to Satan`s choices by writing in the name of Jesus for President, making a statement to the nation that the problems we face aren`t political, they are spiritual, and the only answer is to turn back to Jesus and Biblical Truth. 

About Live Prayer: In 1999 Bill Keller launched It has gone on to become the most successful online Christian ministry in the history of the internet. Each morning, Bill Keller`s Daily Devotional that he has written every morning for over 12 years is emailed to over 2.4 million subscribers worldwide. Information on Liveprayer is available at