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Published:June 13th, 2012 19:51 EST
A Defense of News Coverage in the Shiner Texas Killing Of A Child Molester

A Defense of News Coverage in the Shiner Texas Killing Of A Child Molester

By SOP newswire2

 You`re quite correct that the details about the incident are rather sketchy in spots. As the publisher of one of the local newspapers involved in the coverage, I can assure you it`s rather frustrating for us to not be able to access all the information our readers want immediately. However, I`d like to point out you`re missing a few details in your own commentary.

The man who died has not yet been identified because they can`t locate his next of kin. Sheriff Harmon told us yesterday it is very likely those people are not in this country. Since he had a Texas driver`s license, we assume he was a naturalized citizen or legal immigrant; however, there is a very vibrant underworld trade in this region in stolen identities.
The father will NOT be identified by any reputable news organization UNLESS he is charged with a crime. If you identify the father, you identify the 4-year-old victim - and that`s what you`re overlooking in demanding the man`s identity.
In speaking with the Sheriff, we have the understanding that both men involved are Hispanic, so your hints of some ethnic (Hispanics and Caucasians are the same race, we`re all Texans here) motivation are off-key as well.
One thing I can tell you is that no one involved is from Shiner. The ranch where this took place is located NEAR Shiner. The family is from another nearby town, while the dead man had a Gonzales address listed on his driver`s license. It is not atypical for several families to have horses quartered at a nearby ranch, such as was the case here. Not everyone who lives in Texas has a ranch and oil wells - I know that shocks some of you Yankees.
You view with alarm the sentiments being expressed by citizens commenting to various news websites about this incident. Perhaps you`ve never had your child raped or been on the scene when they find the mutilated body of a child killed by a molester. Texas has a unique culture in that we have a right to defend ourselves, our families and our property; we don`t have to sit back and wait for the police.
The father expressed great regret that the other man died, and the initial report we received from the Sheriff was that once the father had pulled the man off his child he stopped hitting him. It wasn`t a summary execution. Your last paragraph is typical Texas-bashing. We Texans have long since ceased to get all worked up over such condescension from residents of the lesser states.
-Dave Mundy
The Gonzales (TX) Cannon newspaper