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Published:October 25th, 2012 13:42 EST
Women It is Time to Stand Up for Our Children Against Terror and Slavery

Women It is Time to Stand Up for Our Children Against Terror and Slavery

By SOP newswire2

In a world where children are raped, education refused because they are female, Taliban CHICKEN thugs are bragging about shooting a14 year old Pakistani child in the head for claiming her right to be a normal human being, it is time for mothers and sisters to take action! Are we going to allow these radical Muslims Islam Brotherhood Barbarians take away our treasured freedoms?

 Masala Yousufzai was shot in the head for promoting Western Thinking." The Muslim Brotherhood,aka Muslim Brethren rejects anyone who does not believe as they. It`s founder al-Banna said, "it is the nature of Islam to dominate; not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet."

Does that give us hope that we could ever coexist? How can we ignore any longer the injustice to women by the radical Muslims? Isn`t it time to distinguish between the Barbaric traditions of stoning women, covering them to the point of blindness, and killing our Ambassadors of freedman and realize that the old ways of thinking is not compatible with 2012? The Brotherhood firmly rejects any Western Influence.

Where are all the modern thinking Muslims? Isn`t it time for the moderate Muslims who claim they want to be progressive and give women rights to take a strong position! These butchers are making a bad name for all Muslims! Kind, peace loving Muslims are being blamed along with the barbaric Muslim Brotherhood.

 Why aren`t the modern Muslims standing up for their rights and protecting their women? Why don`t they stand up to these crazy men and start teaching the younger generation that respect and tolerance for all people is what civilization does to co exist in this world?

Why don`t the women fight harder for their freedoms? As I am asking this question, I realize that Moderate Muslims aren`t the only ones who need to step up and fight for women`s and children`s rights.

 Americans need to look at their own extremist activities in the US. The dirty word incest hardly ever uttered is ramped. One out of every six girl child is sexually molested before she is eighteen years old! Slavery in the US exists and is thriving in many ways. Let`s start with the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint (FLDS) leader, Warren Jeffs and his male followers who rape children, both boys and girls. Girls as young as twelve were bid for as their wives by old men, and not allowed to have a say with whom they were bred. I used that term bred (as in animals) since they are required to have a baby every year for twelve years. They are used as cows.

They aren`t schooled in reading, math and history. They learn only how to sew and be a homemaker. In Warren Jeff`s cult the treatment of young boys also is despicable. There are over fifteen thousand "Lost Boys" living in Phoenix, AZ. The only thing they did wrong was grow up and flirt with the teenage girls!. Boys were thrown out from their families and friends without money, clothes or belongings.

These frightened young teenage boys were driven in the middle of the night and dropped off outside their city and told never to return! People in Phoenix and Scottsdale have opened their homes to these lost boys shocked how they were ignorant of any education. The boys never saw television or news and were not educated in reading, writing, science, math or history. Their home, Colorado City had been given funds from the state for schools, school buses and teachers, myet these boys and girls were used as slave labor building their homes and structures. This has been going on for years!

What is wrong with this population that we don`t stand up and protect our children? Why isn`t every woman crying out to stop all this assault on their children? Isn`t it the men who are raping and beating children? Isn`t it also men who are paying for child prostitutes? How sick is our population? Sex trade is thriving in America.

 When do we realize there is a rotten society growing with hatred, frustration and destruction and try to stop it? If every woman said "No" and actively stopped child abuse in their family circles and neighborhoods, it would make an impact. Yes, we must clean up our own values and recognize our failures before we can expect other more backward countries to change their primitive ideals and actions.

Mothers stop looking the other way realize children are experiencing terror and abuse. Help our children! Change the situation and make a difference!!

This is why I wrote my book Amberella. By Carole Wells Author of Amberella